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Jane austen persuasion


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Jane austen persuasion

  1. 1. Jane Austen - PersuasionEste é um trecho de “Persuasion” by Jane Austen, romance escrito no século 19.Capitão Wenworth está em uma sala com outras pessoas quando a protagonista (Anne Elliot) entra. Eles tiveram um romance no passado, mas por questões de status social, romperam. No entanto, é evidente que continuam apaixonados.A tarefa é descrever a cena (em português).
  2. 2. Jane Austen - Persuasion“... he saw her, and, instantly rising, said, with studied politeness, “I beg your pardon, madam, this is your seat;” and though she immediately drew back with a decided negative, he was not to be induced to sit down again.Anne did not wish for more of looks and speeches. His cold politeness, his ceremonious grace, were worse than anything.”