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Expressões com a palavra Cash. Ao final, monte e use o seu glossário. Have fun!!

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  1. 1. Cash Everybody’s interested in cash, right? Palavrinha pequenina, mas tão significativa. Neste curso, apresentamos várias maneiras de usar o “Cash”. Aproveite! Objetivo: expandir o vocabulário com vários usos da palavra “Cash” Ao final do curso: faça o quiz e amplie o seu vocabulário!
  2. 2. Cash ATM A machine that allows people to take out money from their bank accounts American English When you go to an ATM you withdraw money Sacar dinheiro British English: cash dispenser
  3. 3. Cash Cheque You cash a cheque. If you cash a cheque you exchange the amount of money that it is worth.
  4. 4. Cash Cash Cow In Business, a cash cow is a product that continues to be profitable What's the cash cow in your company?
  5. 5. Cash Cash Crop A crop that is grown to be sold. “Crandberries have become major cash crop”.
  6. 6. Cash Cash Desk The place where you pay for the things you buy. “You just have to go to cash desk now sir.”
  7. 7. Cash Cash Flow The movement of money into or out of the Business. “A French-based pharmaceutical company ran into cash flow problems and faced liquidation.”
  8. 8. Cash Cash register The machine used to add up and record how much money people pay. “She loved to play with her cash register.”
  9. 9. Cash Cash-starved When a company does not have enough money to operate properly Dependent on the money from Government “We are heading for a crisis with cash-starved councils forced to cut back on vital services.”
  10. 10. Cash Cash-strapped A person or company that does not have enough money to buy for the things they need. “Union leaders say this is the best they believe cash-strapped government will offer”.
  11. 11. Cash Checking account Take your money out of it at any time using a credit card.
  12. 12. Cash Hard cash Money in cash Opposed to credit card or cheque. “Pay only hard cash”
  13. 13. Cash Petty cash Money kept in the office for small payments
  14. 14. Cash Phrasal Verb. Ring up. If a company rings up na amount of money, usually a large amount of money, it makes that amount of money in profits. “The advertising company rang up 1.4 billion dollars in yearly sales.”
  15. 15. Cash Phrasal Verb. Cash In. If you say that someone cashes in on a situation, you are criticizing them for using it to gain an advantage often in a dishonest way.
  16. 16. Cash Your turn! Do the quiz and practice new vocabulary: Bibliography Collins dictionary cd-rom Google images