Field Sales Supervisor's Manual for Tiffany Biscuits


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A Manual made for Field Supervisors for a brand of biscuits as part of a field sales promotion plan

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Field Sales Supervisor's Manual for Tiffany Biscuits

  1. 1. Field Sales Activation in Lagos [Supervisor’s Manual][Supervisor’s Manual]
  2. 2. This Project is all about… Attracting the Consumer’s Attention Arousing the Consumer’s Interest Sales, pure and simple. -The product is a brand of digestive biscuits known as Tiffany Digestive. Produced in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Tiffany Digestive contains natural wheat, unlike some of its Stimulating the Consumer’s Desire Making the consumer take Action natural wheat, unlike some of its competitors. In terms of texture, it is softer than its closest competitor in the Nigerian market, McVities. Tiffany Biscuits is imported into Nigeria by Ekulo International Limited (also importers of choice wine, Baron de Valls), which has contracted The Field Marketing Company to implement this field sales project.
  3. 3. 5 Major Things You Need To Know about the Product & the Project -Packaging: Tiffany Biscuits come in two different cartons of Big (24 packs x 400 grammes) and Small (36 packs x 250 grammes) -Texture: Tiffany Biscuits is soft. Nigerians are used to “hard” biscuits. -Pricing>Big: 300 Naira per unit of biscuits >Small: 200 Naira per unit of biscuits -Target Market: Consumers only. Repeat, consumers only. The present stock should not be sold to retailers, as its shelf life expires in January 2010. As a result, it may notnot be sold to retailers, as its shelf life expires in January 2010. As a result, it may not be commercially wise for retailers to stock it. Therefore, your sales team can only sell at the recommended retail price above. Carton/Bulk pricing does not exist outside the retail price above. -Project Duration: This particular project (i.e. sales of Tiffany Biscuits) is expected to last for an initial period of 2-3 months, after which it may be extended. Also, The Field Marketing Company may, from time to time, execute sales activation projects such as this and promotional campaigns (such as roadshows, trade/consumer promos, merchandising campaigns, etc) for other products and brands in the selected locations.
  4. 4. The Sales Team -The Field Sales Supervisor (FSS) >Is an entrepreneurial position. The FSS takes stock from TFMC on a daily/weekly basis, recruits Field Sales Promoters (FSPs) and makes a profit on sales, after paying off commissions to FSPs. He is like a partner to TFMC. >Has overall responsibility for the sales activation project in a particular location/city/state. >Recruits, trains and manages field sales promoters. >Plans periodic/ daily sales itinerary for field sales promoters >Manages logistics>Manages logistics >Keeps records of daily uptake of products and sales returns of by field sales promoters >Collects end-of-day returns from field sales promoters and remits same (less his profit margin & commissions to FSPs) into TFMC bank account, on a daily basis >Accountable for all company properties in his care (products, costumes, etc) >Reports to the Project Coordinator at TFMC’s offices. -Field Sales Promoters (FSP) >Is a casual/tactical level position >Will sell to consumers/commuters >Responsible to the Sales Supervisor >Picks stocks and makes sales returns, daily
  5. 5. Mode of Operation -Recruitment >Field Sales Supervisor (FSS) will recruit smart, but honest and reliable candidates. Though street sales experience is an added advantage, this is not all-important. Native intelligence, ability to relate with people and persuade them, quickness with calculations and a secondary school certificate are important considerations in the recruitment and selection of Field Sales Promoters (FSPs). >A mix of male and female candidates will be considered for selection - Disengagement >If a FSS wishes to disengage from the project, of TFMC, s/he shall notify the Project Coordinator at least 1 week prior to his dateProject Coordinator at least 1 week prior to his date of disengagement . S/he shall have reconciled all accounts (including sales, stock, personnel, etc) and passed records of same and such company property to the Project Coordinator, up to the date of his/her disengagement. >A FSS may be disengaged and/or prosecuted, based on proven information of fraud, incompetence or other grievous wrongdoing. >If a FSP wishes to disengage from the services of the FSS, s/he shall notify the FSS in no less than 2 days prior to the date of disengagement. All company properties and reconciliation of sales returns shall be made and certified by the FSS, prior to disengagement . The FSS shall pay the disengaging FSP any outstanding commissions. >A FSP may be summarily dismissed by the FSS based on proven information of fraud, incompetence or other grievous wrongdoing.
  6. 6. Mode of Operation (cont’d) -Sales Area Segmentation >A location (city) will be divided into zones by the FSS and allocated to his/her FSPs, for proper coverage. This segmentation may be done on the basis of particular areas which have high vehicular traffic, local market areas, human traffic, tertiary schools, special assigns, etc. -Storage >The FSS shall, in consultation with the Project Coordinator, manage his/her own storage facility for effective safekeeping of products and records. -Profit Margin & Commissions-Profit Margin & Commissions >The FSS is a partnering entrepreneur. TFMC shall release a minimum of 30 cartons of Tiffany Biscuits to the FSS on credit and guarantee at 5,600 Naira per carton. It is expected that the FSS shall instruct FSPs to sell at 200 Naira per pack (for 250g) and 300 Naira per pack (for 400g). Therefore, total sales accruing to the FSS is 7,200 Naira. If the FSS makes a return of 5,600 Naira to TFMC and pays 1,000 commission to FSPs on each carton, the FSS retains 600 Naira in Profit per carton. On a stock of 30 cartons per week and with, say, 10 FSPs selling at least 3 cartons per week, he pays commissions of 30,000 Naira (1,000 Naira per carton x 3 cartons per FSP x 10 FSPs). At 7,200 Naira per carton, total Weekly Profit for the FSS is Total Sales (216,000 Naira/7,200 Naira x 30 Cartons) – Cost of Goods Collected from TFMC (168,000 Naira/5,600 Naira x 30 cartons) = 48,000 Naira, less Commissions Paid to 10 FSPs (30,000 Naira) = 18,000 Naira (Weekly profit to FSS)
  7. 7. Mode of Operation (cont’d) -Sales Target >A sales target of at least 30 cartons per week has been fixed per FSS. The FSS will ensure that this is met, by closely monitoring and leading his/her FSPs. >It is the duty of a FSS to ensure that weekly sales targets are met. -Record Keeping & Reporting >The FSS is advised to maintain updated records of a.) Daily Sales b.) Daily Revenue –the amount delivered by a FSP on his/her daily sales and any discrepancy therefrom. The FSP shall sign against such details c.) Expense Account (to contain details of daily expenses incurred in the course of the project, including receipts and corresponding receipt numbers) e.) Salaries & Wages Records –to include minute details of commissions collected by FSPs on regular basis (will contain dates, names, amount collected f.) Weekly inventory of products received & products remaining (stock-in/stock-out)collected f.) Weekly inventory of products received & products remaining (stock-in/stock-out) >The FSS shall remit sales returns in cash to TFMC’s bank account, every morning/every two days. Details of sales, personnel, etc shall be reported to TFMC’s offices by the FSP, on a daily basis. -Mode of Dressing > FSPs shall wear branded face caps and t-shirts provided for the project. -Recommended Working Hours >Highway Sales: -6.30 a.m-8.30 a.m. & 4.30 p.m-9 p.m. >Neighborhood Sales & Sales at Educational Institutions: 8.30 a.m – 7 p.m >Sales Returns & Reconciliations: same evening or next Morning
  8. 8. Training Your Field Sales Promoters: Some Key Points to Consider -Sales Tactics >Knowledge of the product ( Consumers must know that Tiffany is Soft Biscuits, but it is filling) >Vantage positioning on the roads (e.g road median, T-junctions, etc); Attracting Customers (arresting/catchy expressions), where to look for high consumer traffic (e.g certain hours at schools, market areas, etc) >Relationship Building, facial expressions, consultative selling (win-win) -Safety >Road habits, avoiding accidents >Protective footwear>Protective footwear >Avoiding dangerous places (red spots, high rise construction sites, areas with presence of inflammable substances). -Remuneration & Sales Target >Remuneration tied to achievement of sales, through commissions. >FSPs may need to use own initiatives to meet/exceed sales target -Reporting >Returns, Accountability to FSS -Etc
  9. 9. On Your Marks…. Ready… Go!