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INROADS College Links

  1. 1. INROADS College Links Program/Executive Leadership Foundation Partnership CONNECT. GROW!
  2. 2. College Links is the pre-college component ofthe INROADS Internship experience. College Linksaddresses the need to prepare and strengthen thepipeline of underserved talent from high schoolthrough the chief executive office. Our goal is to motivate and prepareacademically high-performing students for a holistic college and careerexperience. College Links provides needed access to career immersionactivities and goal planning, while improving educational outcomesfor under-served students interested in STEM (Science, TechnologyEngineering, and Math) and business careers.CONNECT. GROW!
  3. 3. Early identification of high-potential COLLEGE LINKS OFFERS A THREE-YEAR PROGRAM OF African American high school YEAR-ROUND SERVICE, COMPRISED OF THE FOLLOWING sophomores interested in STEM STRATEGIES AND ACTIVITIES: and business careers from communities in the Chicago and • Year-round coaching and mentoring Washington, DC communities. • Career exploration/exposure and development activities • Achievement Camps - Development activities and workshops Selection of College Links Scholars is a at local universities, providing college acculturation partnership with school systems and other organizations who identify high-potential college-bound youth.  Career exploration/exposure and development activities • including mentoring and career shadowing experiences The College Links Process prepares talent for successful  Financial Aid/Literacy and College Savings Education • matriculation into the INROADS College Component through  Year-Round Monthly Development Workshops • career immersion, college preparatory, life skills and • Weekend workshops will be offered to students leadership development activities. and parents/guardians Year-round coaching, mentoring and academic support to  Community Service • ensure College Links Scholars’ long-term academic, career  College Entrance and Retention Support • and personal success. • INROADS will ensure that a larger number of talented youth are reached and coached to successfully navigate Students who successfully complete the College Links the earliest stages of the career lifecycle  • The College Links experiences will aid participants in program experience a greatly increased likelihood of building study, business and personal skills and strengthen entering the INROADS College Component, provided they academic and career interests meet specific eligibility requirements. As such, College Links • The program offers voluntary programming is a “feeder” for the INROADS College Component. support for parental involvement through the college preparation process COLLEGE LINKS PROGRAM INROADS WELCOMES AFRICAN  • Focuses on education and leadership opportunities AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS for future generations of diverse corporate executives WHO MEET THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA • Will increase the pool of prospects to be integrated into TO APPLY: the diversity leadership pipeline • Sophomore for 2011-2012 school year • Provides an opportunity for community and business leaders at a Chicago or Washington, DC school to contribute hands-on support in partnership with INROADS • 3.0 GPA or “B” average minimum (mentoring, coaching, career shadowing) • Strong academic standing with solid extracurricular activities • Intent to attend a four-year college or university SPECIFIC INROADS COLLEGE LINKS OUTCOMES INCLUDE: • Intent to pursue an academic major in the field of business or STEM. This includes, but is not limited to, Accounting, • Students increase knowledge of STEM and Business careers; Finance, Communications, Marketing, Business Administration, • Students develop college and career goals; Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering (Mechanical, • Students graduate from high school with required GPAs Electrical, Computer, Industrial and Chemical) and Liberal and courses for STEM and business school admission; Arts (Psychology, English or Sociology) • Students increase aptitude of work-readiness competencies such as Business Sophistication/Acumen; Management Skills; Self-Management; Academic/Technical Skills; and Valuing Diversity.For more information, contact us at or call 1-800-651-6411
  4. 4. This College Links Partnership is made possible with a generous grant from The Executive Leadership Council and The Executive Leadership Foundation. CONNECT. GROW!INROADS, Inc. • 10 South Broadway • Suite 300 • St. Louis, MO 63102 • 1-800-651-6411 • •