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We Live Here (submission version)


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We Live Here (submission version)

  1. 1. Monday, 30 April 12
  2. 2. Here’s the problemMonday, 30 April 12
  3. 3. Planning, budgets and services are increasingly being localisedMonday, 30 April 12
  4. 4. We need strong participation and decision-making at that levelMonday, 30 April 12
  5. 5. That needs more participation in community action... 37% Charities unable to fulfil their goals due to lack of volunteers 63%Source: National Survey of Charities and Social Enterprises, 2010Monday, 30 April 12
  6. 6. ... and in the political system Local election turnout 80 60 40 English mets 20 English districts French cantons 0 1973 1976 1980 1982 1986 1988 1992 1995 1998 2000 2004 2008Source: French elections:; UK elections: LGC Elections Centre, Plymouth University. Only years whereall three election types took place included. UK local elections held on same day as general elections excluded.Monday, 30 April 12
  7. 7. Because those who do participate ... Civic assn 20.5% Participation in civic action 2007-10 Volunteer Donate 2.1% 4.5% Civic & volunteer 3.6% Civic & donation 3.7% Do all three 1.2% Do nothing 64.4% Source: Third Sector Research Centre, Working Paper 73Monday, 30 April 12
  8. 8. ... aren’t representative Most engaged Least engaged Middle aged (40-64) No qualifications Degree Actively religious Routine occupations Manager/professional 0 15 30 45 60Source: Third Sector Research Centre, Working Paper 73Monday, 30 April 12
  9. 9. People want to give more time ... 18% 47% 18% Do volunteer, can’t do more 18% Don’t volunteer, want to Do volunteer, want to do more Don’t volunteer, not interestedSource: Third Sector Research Centre and Giving White Paper, HMG 2010Monday, 30 April 12
  10. 10. ... and would make a big difference if they did.Political party members “Willing localists” 0m 1m 2m 3m 4m 5m 6m 7m ‘“Willing localists” are citizens not actively involved in a wide range of community and socio-political activities but who seem the most willing to do so and are those most likely, realistically, to become so in the future.’ - Hansard AuditSource: “Willing Localists” - Hansard Audit of Democratic Engagement 2010; UK Voting Age Population: IDEA 2010; Politicalparty members - House of Commons Membership of UK political parties Standard Note SN/SG/5125 2009.Monday, 30 April 12
  11. 11. But they don’t. People arent participating enough in Text their communitiesMonday, 30 April 12
  12. 12. If we can get participation right , it will have huge benefits for systemic reformMonday, 30 April 12
  13. 13. Imagine... ... you’re bothered by young people making noise in your street, and you don’t complain. Instead, you talk to other residents, and start up a sports club for them, with your councillor co-ordinating local public services to help out.Monday, 30 April 12
  14. 14. Imagine... ... you work for a health action project, and rather than spending money on leaflets and advertising you have free access to every civic network in your area, and a trusted place to reach thousands of active citizens.Monday, 30 April 12
  15. 15. Imagine... ... you work for the council and have to take a tough decision, and your instant reaction is to throw open all the evidence and the context to councillors and people in the community and work with them to find a solution.Monday, 30 April 12
  16. 16. That’s the vision. What do we need to do?Monday, 30 April 12
  17. 17. People want to make a difference on their own termsMonday, 30 April 12
  18. 18. Monday, 30 April 12
  19. 19. They don’t trust politicsMonday, 30 April 12
  20. 20. Monday, 30 April 12
  21. 21. We Live Here aims • Build more connection and self-reliance in communities • Create flexible opportunities for civic action, better understood • Grow everyday democratic participationMonday, 30 April 12
  22. 22. This is what we’ve doneMonday, 30 April 12
  23. 23. Identified formal and informal civic activist networks in three communities (this is Hangleton)Monday, 30 April 12
  24. 24. Connected them online (this is Brunswick)Monday, 30 April 12
  25. 25. Talked to them about what they want nextMonday, 30 April 12
  26. 26. started to pass control of the network to the participants... and planned ways to ensure control stays with local people ...Monday, 30 April 12
  27. 27. ...not the CouncilMonday, 30 April 12
  28. 28. We have learned • Dont assume small areas are small tasks • Inclusive engagement takes longer and starts from farther back • Social Media Surgeries are a huge hit • We have to work with the council on changing service behaviour sooner than we thought • People dont think about "democracy", they think about their needsMonday, 30 April 12
  29. 29. We have developed our approach • Find the early win, and build reciprocal relationships in localities • Better local/central communication in the team • Put Social Media Surgeries at the front of the offer • Clearer distinction between development thinking and project implementation, while staying agileMonday, 30 April 12
  30. 30. And now were going to • Work with a group in each area to develop ideas • Continue to build connections and bring people online • Co-design online tools for two-way conversation with public services • Plan for democratic discussionsMonday, 30 April 12
  31. 31. Meeting citizens’ needs “A lot of positive has come out of this project. It’s all about what citizens need. There is an appetite in our community to move it on and take a broader look at ways groups communicate between themselves, and how we can make the communication with the council two-way conversation rather than one- way.” - project participantMonday, 30 April 12
  32. 32. Meeting service ambitions “We want to work collaboratively across agencies and bring the council closer to the community. We see We Live Here building a system that uses traditional and new media to form the basis for new neighbourhood decision making. Our vision is of an involving public service of loose connections and networked organisations - We Live Here is an essential element of that.” John Barradell, council chief executive April 2012Monday, 30 April 12
  33. 33. Cost-effectively Single service consultation Setup & run a We Live Here site location* Citizens Panel Budget consultation 5% of average council comms budget Large-scale consultation Consultation on infrastructure project 0 75 150 225 300Source: Consultation budgets published by Derbyshire and Ellesmere Port & Neston councils; TPA research; CLG.* setup and first year of WLH at “Connecting” level.Monday, 30 April 12
  34. 34. Building towards the vision even if the route is unclearMonday, 30 April 12
  35. 35. We have committed local partners • Our communities • Our partners • Council • NHS • PoliceMonday, 30 April 12
  36. 36. They will support us to take it forward • Core team • Existing pilots • Up to two new pilots • Involvement in neighbourhood democracy plansMonday, 30 April 12
  37. 37. Creative Councils • We have in-principle commitments to continue the programme • Further Creative Councils investment would give us: • Research and learning • Support for service redesign • Step up engagement and community capacityMonday, 30 April 12
  38. 38. Because this is the mission “Until we rebuild, both from the bottom up and from the top down, our institutes of governance and democracy, we will not be able to stand up to the fundamental challenges that we are facing” Manuel CastellsMonday, 30 April 12