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Published in: Sports, Education
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  1. 1. Networking civic networks in Lewes Jenny Rowlands (Lewes District Council) Anthony Zacharzewski ( e Democratic Society) @demsoc @demsoc
  2. 2. Disconnection goes both ways @demsoc @demsoc
  3. 3. You can’t co-design without citizens @demsoc @demsoc
  4. 4. Coercion to co-design (didn’t bother with nudge) @demsoc @demsoc
  5. 5. Come in as far as you want @demsoc @demsoc
  6. 6. Challenge : grow ambition @demsoc @demsoc
  7. 7. Cross-party, cross-organisation support @demsoc @demsoc
  8. 8. Culture beats tools Institutions beat culture New institutions for new politics @demsoc @demsoc
  9. 9. Presentation by Jenny Rowlands & Anthony Zacharzewski, November 2013 Find out more at h p:// @demsoclewes and @zeroheroes @demsoc @demsoc