Paul Sweeting's presentation from CityCamp Digital Inclusion Day


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  • Paul Sweeting's presentation from CityCamp Digital Inclusion Day

    1. 1. Financial…Social… …InclusionDigital…Paul Sweeting,Brighton and Hove Advice Partnership for City Camp 2.5 17/09/
    2. 2. About me… Coordinate Advice Strategy project Lottery funded project Supports local Advice Partnership
    3. 3. The Advice Partnership Cross Sector membership of providers and partners including:• Advice Services Network
    4. 4. Triple exclusion…?Social ExclusionWhere you are and where you get to in society is not simply a matter of choiceFinancial Exclusionthe less money you have, the less each pound in your pocket buys youDigital ExclusionIncreasing number of choices and opportunities are online
    5. 5. Universal Credit• ‘Flagship’ of government welfare reforms• replaces 6 distinct, income related benefits• paid monthly*, in arrears to one member of the household likely to affect c£1m people nationally 2013-14• 3.5m moved over 2013 – 15• 3m moved over 2015-17• aspiration that 80% of new claims will be made online by 2017*recent indications suggest a concession in this area
    6. 6. The Government response...Ian Duncan Smith, House of Commons, September 2012 The vast majority of people claiming benefits today “already use computers and the internet—around 80% of those who claim jobseeker’s allowance...[but]...not all of them use their computer for claiming benefits, which they often do on the telephone.” “...plan is for contact centres to get people on to their computers and work through the process with them.” “...people are worried and do not want to go online [because] the present online system is not good.”
    7. 7. Welfare Reform: the bigger picture• Welfare payments to citizens reduced by £21.7bn by 2014• Many low income families & individuals will have new responsibilities around payment of rent and council tax
    8. 8. Council tenants in Brighton and HoveBrighton and Hove Local Authority Tenants Survey, December 2011• 56% of all tenants had access to the internet at home and or elsewhere• 79% of those aged between 21 and 64 had access to the internet either at home or elsewhere• 93% of households with children had access to the internet either at home or elsewhere• 72% of those aged 65 and over claimed to have no access to the internet either at home or elsewhere
    9. 9. A Community Banking Partnership Approach Integrate access to the ABCDE of financial inclusion:  Advice  Banking  Credit  Deposits (Savings)  Education
    10. 10. Moving forward…• No easy solutions• Focus on inclusion rather than digital!• Innovate and connect: support what works
    11. 11. Thank youPaul SweetingBrighton and Hove Advice Strategy