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NHS Citizen Leadership day presentation


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NHS Citizen Leadership day presentation

  1. 1. NHS Citizen Leadership Day: Thinking in Public An event led by the Tavistock Institute, Involve, Demsoc, Public-i and the NHS England Patient and Public Voice Team for NHS Citizen 13 February 2014
  2. 2. The context Sir David Nicholson (Chief Executive, NHS England) Lord Victor Adebowale (Non-Executive Director, NHS England)
  3. 3. Thinking in public
  4. 4. What kind of future are we creating?
  5. 5. Is this the Network Society?
  6. 6. Technology or Social Change? The Internet is the most significant technological development of the last 100 years. At least.  Self Publication: Disintermediation of the Media  Virtual Community and Social Networking: Wide scale use of Networked Power  Collaborative Culture: Creating a sharing economy  Radical Openness: Disruption of the democratic relationship  Networked Technology: Smart Cities and new streams of information  Customization, Making and Self-Service : Disruption of manufacturing and the industrial economy
  7. 7. What do we mean by Digital?* *what do I mean?
  8. 8. Digital is a contested term
  9. 9. Our relationship with the public is changing
  10. 10. There are new rules of engagement Networked Open Digital Agile
  11. 11. Participatory Culture and a Network Society Collaborating Sharing Connecting Creating Participating
  12. 12. The qualities of Democracy in a Network Society Open by default: this is open not just in terms of information but also in terms of thinking and decision making Digitally native: not in terms of age but in terms of the individual adopting the behaviours and social norms of the digital culture Co-productive: an expectation that everyone in the conversation has power to act and the potential to be active in the outcome as well as the decision-making process And as the name says, networked: able to be effective via networked as well as hierarchical power as a leader, to blur boundaries and to work across groups
  13. 13. Government is no longer the only one creating public space
  14. 14. Data?
  15. 15. Creativity?
  16. 16. Opportunities to sell stuff?
  17. 17. Building and making?
  18. 18. It doesn’t have to be defined by the technology There are other ways of looking at this
  19. 19. A new Public Sphere?
  20. 20. Co-production and ABCD
  21. 21. New kinds of spaces
  22. 22. Networks….of networks
  23. 23. Society not Technology
  24. 24. Participatory Culture + Asset based community engagement = A new way of working with citizens
  25. 25. What does this mean for leaders?
  26. 26. Is it reasonable or appropriate to expect our leaders to have a minimum level of knowledge with respect to digital in the wider social as well as technical sense?
  27. 27. If we do have this expectation does this change the type of people who we want to have in leadership positions or does it simply mean that we have to up skill to leaders (and potential leaders) we already have?
  28. 28. Different skills are needed Behavioral An understanding of networked power Creating personal relevance Collaboration skills Co-design skills Social media ‘social’ skills Practical An adequate understanding of the basic lexicon of digital Horizon scanning and research Data skills Digital commissioning Agile project management
  29. 29. These are cultural not technical skills
  30. 30. Will we just communicate with the public or collaborate with them?
  31. 31. NHS Citizen Purpose • To give citizens and organisations a direct transparent route to the heart of the NHS England decision making process  • To give the NHS England board and others a new source of evidence and opinion on the NHS now and future. • To give the public an open and robust accountability mechanism for the work of NHS England • To establish a mechanism/system that leads to action, quickly
  32. 32. NHS Citizen Model
  33. 33. NHS Citizen Model
  34. 34. NHS Citizen Model
  35. 35. NHS Citizen Model
  36. 36. NHS Citizen Leadership Day: Thinking in Public
  37. 37. What is Open Space?
  38. 38. Picture Credit: markhillaryon Flickr
  39. 39. Picture Credit: Micah Taylor on Flickr
  40. 40. Picture Credit: NuagedeNuit on Flickr
  41. 41. Four Principles • Whoever comes are the right people • Whatever happens is all that could have happened • When it starts it is the right time • When it is over, it is over
  42. 42. Two Rules Picture credit: Loop_oh Picture credit: hiljainenmies
  43. 43. Open space question What will you do differently to make the most of the opportunities offered by NHS Citizen?
  44. 44. What you will do differently
  45. 45. Review and Next Steps
  46. 46. Thank you