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Naked Council Pitch, LocalGovCamp


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A presentation from the London LocalGovCamp on 4 March 2010, pitching a programme of work called Naked Council, where local services are redesigned from a blank sheet of paper without preconceptions.

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Naked Council Pitch, LocalGovCamp

  1. 1. The Democratic Society The Naked Council
  2. 2. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Local government is facing big problems The post-war welfare state provided a level of security and prosperity that was revolutionary for its time ... ... but it has not been able to solve problems of deeply rooted poverty, or act in a co-ordinated way where people are multiply deprived.
  3. 3. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Politicians get that centralism hasn’t worked Did you just hear a bedpan in Tredegar ?
  4. 4. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY So localism is today’s big issue Liverpool Town Hall: John Smith; Whitehall from Horseguards: Wikimedia Commons
  5. 5. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY The Conservatives say they are localists ... • Local decision-making should be less constrained by central government, and also more accountable to local people. • [Councils] should work in partnership with local people, local business and local voluntary organisations. They will have the powers necessary to develop these partnerships. • We will encourage democratic innovations in local government. Control Shift green paper cover: UK Conservative Party
  6. 6. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY ... but oppose “postcode lotteries” Source: (yes, really)
  7. 7. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY But what is localism for ? Place shaping ? ? ra cy m oc ca l de e r lo o ng Str Economic growth ? More responsive services ?
  8. 8. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY And what is properly local anyway ? D R A W Y O U R L I N E S H E R E
  9. 9. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY What if we started with a blank sheet of paper ? Local Government Act 1972.pdf Service Model Organisation Chart.pdf Communications Strategy.pdf
  10. 10. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Proposal : Naked Council A participative ... ... six-month programme ... ... to think creatively about local services ...
  11. 11. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Proposal : Naked Council ... imagining a place that has no existing structures or other baggage ... ... and creating modern services for the people who live there.
  12. 12. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY How it might work • All-participant events at the start and end of the programme • Work streams based around outcomes, designing creative solutions to people’s needs with no preconceptions • Work streams use online tools rather than physical meetings to widen participation and keep costs low • All work streams brought together in final event
  13. 13. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Possible work streams • School-age child • Citizen • Entrepreneur • Person with learning disabilities • Old person with limiting illness • Householder
  14. 14. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Staying in touch • If you want to keep in touch: • Fill in the form at • Email • And we’ll add you to the mailing list
  15. 15. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Presentation by Anthony Zacharzewski for the Democratic Society, March 2010 with thanks to Dave Briggs, Dominic Campbell and Anna Turley | @anthonyzach