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Mapping the NHS #NHSCitizen


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Mapping the NHS #NHSCitizen

  1. 1. NHS Citizen Workshop: Mapping the NHS 10 December 2013
  2. 2. Purpose NHS Citizen must add to, rather than duplicate existing participation structures within NHS England Workshop purpose! To further develop the map the NHS system of participation in order to understand the context in which NHS Citizen will operate.
  3. 3. Introductions
  4. 4. Workshop outline • The NHS System • What is network analysis? • Testing our typology of organisations • Identifying the relationships we want • Starting the map • Next steps
  5. 5. The new NHS System h"p://­‐65/alterna;ve-­‐guide-­‐new-­‐nhs-­‐england  
  6. 6. What is network analysis
  7. 7. Four simple concepts • Nodes - entities on the graph • Edges - relationships between nodes • Degrees - how do we measure the amount of connectivity? • Reach - how do we measure the effect of the network
  8. 8. Testing our typology
  9. 9. Testing our typology • NHS organisation • Member-led organisation (professions) • Citizen-led organisation • Shareholder led organisation (Private) • Shareholder led organisation (Social) • Charity • Elected Representatives
  10. 10. Identifying the relationships
  11. 11. Mapping the system • Identify one or two people who know the same part of the system as you • Identify the institutions within that part of the system and block them out on a piece of flip chart • Draw the relationships • Fill in the data cards
  12. 12. Next steps
  13. 13. Thank you