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Four rules for councils' democratisation work


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Four rules for councils' democratisation work

  1. 1. The Democratic Society Four rules for councils’ democratic engagement
  2. 2. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY One. Remember the di erence between consumers and citizens
  3. 3. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY They need di erent sorts of engagement Consumer Citizen Recipient Participant One-o Ongoing Individualist Collective Managerial Political
  4. 4. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Not everyone sees the council as neutral My Local Council For example, local politicians always carry their national party’s baggage
  5. 5. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Political issues = di cult issues You can’t always get to an agreed position when there are underlying philosophical di erences
  6. 6. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Two. People understand local government less than you think they do.
  7. 7. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Don’t force people into your structures
  8. 8. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Focus on the citizen, not the process
  9. 9. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Don’t assume knowledge, with anyone Who’s in charge of planning policy around here, anyway ?
  10. 10. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Three. Work to expand the democratic space
  11. 11. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Don’t use the council website When you can use these Don’t use this (and many others)
  12. 12. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Make online and o ine support each other
  13. 13. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Remember that politics bores most people Assume that people have ten minutes a month for politics, not an hour or two every day
  14. 14. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Four. Real engagement means culture change and service transformation
  15. 15. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Few politicians, many citizens For every one politician, councillor, senior civil servant or political journalist... ...there are 44,470 ordinary citizens.
  16. 16. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY O cers need to get out and engage Even the best politicians have • little time • little understanding of detail • little knowledge of background
  17. 17. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Public speaking ≠ political speaking Explaining the background to the new parking scheme on Nevskii Prospekt
  18. 18. A cheering final word: Local government does culture change well THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY • Partnership working done • Joint commissioning done • Trusts & shared services done • Real openness and engagement