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Prospecteer’s unique collateral catalogs and portfolios, bring marketers and sales representatives together in close collaboration, allowing marketers to easily upload a wide variety of collateral assets into themed catalogs, and providing sales with easy access to a single content and campaign library.

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Sales Collateral Management from Prospecteer

  1. 1. © Copyright 2013 Demodia GmbH. All rights reserved.Sales CollateralManagementmanaging your sales content library
  2. 2. The Sales vs MarketingWar• Sales vs Marketing• we spend up to 7 hours per week looking information toprepare for sales calls• you never give us the collateral we need at the time weneed it• you have no real clue what we’re selling and don’tunderstand what our prospects need• Marketing vs Sales• you rarely use the content we store in our digital assetmanagement system• you use the same old material and don’t promote our latestcampaigns
  3. 3. The Content Conundrum• Up to 90% of traditional marketingmaterials are unused in the field, leavingcritical customer conversations tochance.• American Marketing association• Sales personnel can play a vital role in thecontent marketing process — if they aregiven the right encouragement, motivation,and tools to participate.
  4. 4. Sales Content Library• Publish• single source forpublishing marketingcampaigns and collateral• Share• tools to support sales toprospect interactions• Analyze• customer interaction andcontent usage metrics• Develop• refine content andstrategies based onsales use and prospectconversionsdeveloppublishshareanalyze
  5. 5. AutomationContent MarketingAutomation• Connects marketing to sales, and sales toprospects...• Provides:• Web & Content Management• Collateral Catalogs• Prospect Portfolios• Social Media• Campaign Management• Email Marketing• Lead Capture• Automated Lead Nurturing• Powerful Reporting & Analytics
  6. 6. Prospecteer for Sales
  7. 7. Collateral Catalogues• Publish anddistribute• content created bymarketing• single point for storageand distribution ofcollateral• share with prospectsonline• access whilst mobile• corporate / campaignbased template branding
  8. 8. Social Collateral• Online access• gated access available• integrated socialcomponents• personalised content• preferred languagedelivery• instant updates• integrated usagetracking
  9. 9. Prospect Portfolios• Share content with Prospects• personal online portfolio• no worries about large attachments• branded email and landing page• recommended content• monitor usage• cross promotional opportunities• connect with account manager
  10. 10. Online Prospect Portfoliosreceive email invitation view online portfolio
  11. 11. Visitor & Contact Analysis• Web tracking andanalytics• track activities• score interactions• Detailed contactprofiles
  12. 12. for further informationwww.prospecteer.comtel: +41 (0)44 586 33 39tel: +44 (0)208 144 4458e-mail:© Copyright 2013 Demodia GmbH. All rights reserved.