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English Business Group’s blended course system for language training incorporates e-learning exercises, personal tutoring, telephone and email support and group discussions.

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English Business Group - Blended Learning

  1. 1. 1<br />Introduction<br /> <br />EB Group Internet blended learning offers many benefits :<br /> <br /><ul><li> Time efficient
  2. 2. Low costs per student
  3. 3. Regular practise
  4. 4. Work modules completed at student’s convenience
  5. 5. Qualified tutor feedback
  6. 6. Regular group meetings with tutor
  7. 7. To develop a community of language learners</li></li></ul><li>What is blended learning ?<br />Blended Learning offers many benefits in terms of value and learning retention<br />English Business Group’s blended course system for language training easily adapts to the needs of your organisation<br />Language students benefit from the perfect blend of:<br />language learning software<br />a world class tutoring service and complimentary face-to-face training<br />backed by an officially acknowledged reference system<br />Every student uses his/her time in the most efficient way, studying at a pace that suits them<br />Every module can be downloaded and saved to a personal computer<br />convenience and flexibility regarding study times<br />The tutor can offer personal assistance when weak spots are noticed<br />However the language should also be practised regularly, on a face to face basis, with one of our highly qualified native English teachers.<br />2<br />
  8. 8. What is blended learning ?<br />Student’s course is self-supporting, but their personal tutor will give them regular feedback on their progress<br />In monthly face-to-face training sessions, the teacher will focus on speaking skills, and check learning progress<br />can also be monitored by the teacher and student via their personal website at anytime<br />On-line students need a little extra motivation<br />Our methods offer support by:<br />Telephone<br />Via email<br />Regular scheduled meetings<br />3<br />
  9. 9. Lessons<br />Most online learning systems are categorical: the student looks up a topic and gets a list of activities.<br />Our e-Learning system is integrated.<br />The result is a more autonomous learning environment, enabling pre- and post-sessional applications and putting less pressure on teachers.<br />4<br />Grammar Skill Topic <br />Present Simple Listening Introductions<br />activity 1 activity 1activity 1<br />activity 2 activity 2 activity 2<br />activity 3 activity 3 activity 3<br />activity 4 activity 4activity 4<br />activity 5 activity 5 activity 5<br />Exercise 4 Exercise 1<br /> (15 min) (15 min)<br /> Exercise 3 Exercise 2<br /> (15 min) (15 min)<br />
  10. 10. The perfect blend of learning<br />English Business Group’s blended course system for language training easily adapts to the needs of your organisation. <br />Language students benefit from the perfect blend of language learning software, a world class tutoring service, and complimentary face-to-face training, backed by an officially acknowledged reference system.<br />Before the course starts students access their own dedicated learning website to assess skill levels, and contact other language students if they wish to.<br />Blended learning timetable<br />before you start your course 12 months after your course <br />5<br />Self study /<br />Online training<br />Group meeting & training<br />Meeting<br />Assessment<br />Certificate<br />
  11. 11. Student / Tutor Interaction<br />6<br />Tutor<br />Student<br />Result tracking<br />Regular progress checks<br />Reading published material<br />Questions<br />Individual training / mentoring<br />
  12. 12. Complete solution<br />Lessons<br />elementary to highest level<br />ILETS practise<br />Cambridge exam practise<br />Flash Point – weekly news based lesson<br />OUP Business Result<br />Teacher led distance learning<br />Educational portal<br />access to your webpages<br />access to services<br />access to information<br />access to each other<br />7<br />
  13. 13. Student’s page<br />8<br />
  14. 14. Applications<br />social program<br />preparation courses<br />computer-aided classes<br />tutorials<br />self-access<br />test<br />preparation<br />school information<br />maintenance<br />plan<br />distance<br />learning<br />announcements<br />forms and<br />documents<br />9<br />
  15. 15. Contact<br />Robert Best<br />English Business Group<br />Seepark 5<br />9422 Staad / SG<br />071 888 7244<br />076 579 4555<br />info@ebgroup.ch<br />www.ebgroup.ch<br />