Demo africa innovation tour presentation


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Describes the DEMO Africa 2012 event

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Demo africa innovation tour presentation

  2. 2. WHAT IS DEMO AFRICA? !In recognition of Africa’s economic emergence, theU.S. Department of State, in collaboration withMicrosoft, DEMO, USAID, and Startup Weekend, islaunching the Liberalizing Innovation OpportunityNations (LIONS@FRICA) Partnership, a newpublic-private alliance to enhance and deepen thestartup and innovation ecosystems of targeted fast-growing African economies. !! !!!As its signature undertaking, LIONS@FRICA willlaunch the first-ever DEMO Africa to connectAfrican startups to the global ecosystem. DEMOAfrica will be the place where the most innovativecompanies from African countries come to launchtheir products and announce to Africa and theworld what they have developed. !!      
  3. 3. WHAT IS DEMOAFRICA?•  Launchpad   for   emerging   technologies   and   trends.  •  Each  year  over  2,500  people  from  around  the   globe  a=end  DEMO  in  the  USA  to  experience   innovaEon  at  its  birth.  •  A   hand-­‐selected   class   of   new   products   is   introduced   to   the   world   for   the   very   first   Eme   to   global   press   and   prolific   bloggers;   investors;   corporate   acquirers;   strategic   partners  and  buyers.        
  4. 4. WHAT IS DEMOAFRICA?•  for   the   first   Eme   in   Africa,   African   eDevelopment   Resource   Centre,   CIO   East   Africa   and   DEMO   are   launching   DEMO   Africa.  •  Throughout  its  21  years  of  existence,  DEMO   in   the   USA   has   earned   a   reputaEon   for   consistently  idenEfying  new  innovaEons  that   are   most   likely   to   disrupt   the   markets   they   serve   and/or   change   the   way   we   use   technology   overall,   now   DEMO   Africa   will   invite   companies   from   throughout   the   conEnent  to  launch  on  the  demo  stage.          
  5. 5. DEMO AFRICA 40 6 Minutes onstage to Companies will be demonstrate yourselected to demonstrate product 2 5Days Turnkey Kiosk in Demonstrators will win a DEMO Pavillion trip to Sillicon Valley
  7. 7. WHO WILL ATTEND DEMOAFRICA?CORPORATE DEVELOPERS & ACQUIRERSLarge enterprise corporate buyers attend DEMO Africa seeking acquisition and partnercandidates from the companies launching on stage. And, they find them! Since the class of2004, there have been over 40 acquisition transactions in DEMO US.TRADE & MAINSTREAM MEDIAPress attend DEMO for one simple reason: it’s the best place to break technology news.DEMO Africa will attract 100+ media professionals from major publications in Africa andbeyond. Backed by the legendary tech publishing giant, IDG, the event will be covered in allmajor enonomies and provide unrivalled media attention to demonstrators.VENTURE & ANGEL INVESTORSWhether it is early, mid or late stage investment, the well vetted companies launching atDEMO Africa are ripe for investment. Demonstrators at DEMO US over the past five yearshave generated over $3.5 billion in funding after their launch at DEMO.BUYERSCIOs/CTOs/Senior IT consumer and enterprise industries.ENTREPRENEURSCEOs & Founders, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, CTOs, and developers from demonstratingcompanies and start-up ventures around the continent.
  8. 8. LAUNCH PACKAGEPRE-EVENT:•  PR support and communications training with public relations agency•  Demonstrator presentation review with professional demonstration coach•  Dedicated event account manager•  Script review with DEMO Executive Producer•  Social Media Training•  Technical pre-conference meeting with production team
  9. 9. LAUNCH PACKAGEDURING DEMO: •  Technical rehearsals with DEMO production team•  Dedicated Microsite/Media Center •  Private Practice Room•  6 minute product launch video •  Presentation rehearsal and•  Behind the scenes interview with feedback company CEO/Executive discussing business plans •  On-site demonstration coach•  Photos of your launch/DEMO •  Company profile and product pavilion display posted to DEMO description in DEMO Africa photo gallery and available for online program guide your use •  Online microsite with video•  Complimentary press release presentation Posted on microsite) •  3 full conference passes to the•  Content Syndication via event worldwide IDG News Service •  Invitation to CEO Dinner•  Turnkey kiosk in the DEMO Pavilion for 2 days •  Behind the scenes interview broadcast on•  Signage DEMOAfrica.comand throughout IDG media network•  Wireless Internet connectivity •  Chance to win People’s Choice, Media Prize
  10. 10. LAUNCH PACKAGEPOST-DEMO CONFERENCE:•  Unlimited hosting of demonstrator microsite on•  Post-event promotion of launch video across IDG global website network•  Invitation to all DEMO alumni regional events•  Discount on sponsorship and advertising across all IDG media properties: Macworld, PCWorld, CIO, CSO, Network World, Computerworld and InfoWorld
  11. 11. STUDENT ALPHAPITCHGive students from some of Africa’s finest universities andcolleges access to DEMO Africa’s exceptional promotionaland networking platform.Full scholarships for 10 qualifying individuals or groups•  90 sec pitch to the entire DEMO audience in the general session ballroom•  Kiosk space in the DEMO Pavilion•  Two passes to attend DEMO•  One pass to the CEO/Dealmaker’s dinner•  Signage and internet connectivity in the DEMO Pavilion•  Extensive promotional support on site and after the event on•  Video of pitch posted on
  12. 12. HOW TO PARTICIPATE•  Go to•  For Click on “Apply to launch” for students “Apply to Pitch”•  Enter Company Information•  Enter Company Background•  Enter Product Description•  Upload any Attachment•  Enter Contact Information
  13. 13. THANK YOU!Brian Munyao LongweEvent