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  1. 1. CONVENTIONS OF ADOCUMENTARYDemi-Leigh Chamberlain
  2. 2. The Voice Over The voice over is a main convention commonly seen throughout documentaries It is used to be authoritative, and to provide information usually on the image which is seen This will be useful to a short documentary as it provides information over the top of an image which is already being used Particularly useful with expository when providing ‘voice of god’
  3. 3. Realism Ambient sound/lighting – this is a particularly helpful tool when conducting interviews All events which are presented should be seen as real Shown through continuity, or little editing Documentaries should bee seen as realistic as they are provided to convince us that they are real. Overheard exchange to record dialogue between two or more people
  4. 4. Footage Skills This is particularly important within a short documentary as it aids authenticity It is also a great help as it adds further information to the film
  5. 5. Interviews with Experts This is a common convention within a documentary as it provides exposition of the subject Used to authenticate the views of the subject
  6. 6. Titles Titles are a particular strong point for quick way of conveying information within a short documentary It gives exposition Anchors images and subjects illustrated on film
  7. 7. Mise En Scene Props used are another way to show exposition to the subject Informative quick way of acknowledgement of subject area (doctors office – computer, stethoscope) Provides realism to the footage of the film