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Scheda compartim catalonia mod


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Scheda compartim catalonia mod

  1. 1. Carcere e inclusione: esperienze a confronto dall’Europa – 17 e 18 novembre 2011Compartim, “Sharing”Knowledge management programme in Justice Departement of Governement of CataloniaWorkshop: 1. Learning network among operatorsCountry SpainSECTION 1 Personal informationProject’s coordinatorName: Ana Saint-DizierRole: Coordination of communities of practice and innovation trainingAddress: Carrer Ausias Marc, 40 – 08010 Barcelona, Cataloniatel:+34-935527978 fax:e-mail: saint.dizier@gencat.catYear, realization period/duration2006-2011Organization promoting the action/Coordinating organization/Partners and supporting organizationsCentre for Legal Studies and Specialized, the center of training (initial and continuous) and research ofthe Department of Justice of the Autonomic government of CataloniaFinancial source/Organization financing the projectPublic Administration: the budget of the Compartim programme is about 100.000 € and it is directlyprovided by Centre of training, which is part of the Justice DepartmentSECTION 2 The project/serviceTargetsJustice Department workers: in 2011 we have had aproximativly 900 professionals participating incommunities of practice, mainly from penitenciany services (legal experts, art formers,sports trainers,social educators, socialworkers, TICs trainers, etc.), Courts assessment services (psychologists,socialworkers, mediators) and Juvenil Justice (social educators, prevention technics, tehcnics for penalexecution in the community, etc.). We also work with professionals of legal specialized library andjudiciary registres, civil mediators and workers of public legal information offices.Short description of the service/project and of its objectivesCompartim is a network of communities of practice (CoP) formed by professionals and focused onproducing knowledge in Catalan Justice Department. In that project, a CoP is a group of professionalssharing the same professional area who get involved willingly in the process for improving their day-to-day praxis. Compartim programme offers them:1. a structure (official 2.0 web, rooms and conference hall for meetings, administrative management,etc.)2. a budget (economical bonus for the moderators of each CoP, budget for external experts and annualconference)3. the know how for managing CoP in a successfull way, after 6 years of experience (progressive workplan and schedule in relation with the targets of each CoP)The CoP choose by itself the subject to work on, but in permanent coordination with the authorities inorder the CoP’s objectives take in account Organization needs. That coherence allows Organizationgives to CoP all kind of facilities.
  2. 2. Carcere e inclusione: esperienze a confronto dall’Europa – 17 e 18 novembre 2011The CoPs would normally meets physically once a month and keep in permanent contact via a 2.0 web(blocs, wikis, repositories, etc), so that members increase their professional sociability and shareknowledge.At the end of the cycle (one or 2 years), those exchanges result in a “collaborative product” (protocol,handbook, databases, communication tools as videos, pamphlets, etc) targeted to feed all therepresentants of a profession in the institution.Compartim promotes that creative and collective knowledge management to involve the workers intraining programmes as an alternative to formal education,what is called “learning by doing”, and inthat way, to improve professional cohesion and increase work motivation, searching new solutions forthe future.Description of the actions/activities (Indicate here the actions/activities made available within theservice/project for the final recipients, e.g. consulting actions, education, tutorship, information andawareness actions towards institutions, research, training, monitoring, assessment, internationalactivities)Compartim is focused on professional training for public workers.The actions are on one hand the permanent activity of communities of practice, and on the other hand,courses about group management, leadership for moderators, and about new technologies for allmembers of CoPs. Once a year, each CoP organize their Conference to present publicly their productand have a face to face debate.Compartim is also three general meetings, with all the representants of CoPs of the programme (20 in2011), experts in knowledge management, CoP leaders in others organization (public and private).Compartim produce an average of 15 collaborative products a year and promote public diffusion of themajority in digital format, thanks to the institutional web and socialnetworks (facebook, youtube,twitter, etc.).Skills involved and competences used on the fieldFor CoP moderators: leadership, good relationship with authorities and with colleagues, empathy andcapacity for synthesizingFor CoP members: motivation, professional commitment, disponibilitySuccess factors and difficulties observedSuccess factors:- the demand has to come from the professionals themselves- a prepared organization that would support the collaborative project (it requires a previousspecific training for head and managers to explain the benefits of informal and collaborativetraining)- economical and human resources (incentives for moderators, coordination and administrativeoffice)- a good dissemination network to make all products and actions publicDifficulties:- lack of availability for that kind of “extra” in an economical crisis context (less workers, morepression)- decreasing economical resources for supporting all the project- difficulties to keep a high level of participation and motivation in the oldests CoPs (6 years)
  3. 3. Carcere e inclusione: esperienze a confronto dall’Europa – 17 e 18 novembre 2011Bibliography, published texts; website for further referenceGeneral:- MARTÍNEZ MARÍN, J.; SOTERAS, J. and VIVES, N.(coord.), El treball col·laboratiu a l’Administració,Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya, 2009 Web: Blog: products:- Recomanacions per a defensar l’informe al judici oral, Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya, 2009- Valoració de la mediació penal juvenil per part de víctimes i infractors, Barcelona, Generalitat deCatalunya, 2010- Revisió de la Guia d’avaluació del testimoni en violencia de gènere, Barcelona, Generalitat deCatalunya, 2010- Reflexions metològiques dels educadors socials dels centres penitenciaris entorn de l’atencióindividualitzada, Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya, 2010