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World Class Marketing Organization Maturity Model


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Our World Class Marketing Organization Maturity Model was designed to help organizations with a roadmap for improving their overall marketing capabilities. Your next step after reviewing this model is to take the World Class Marketing Assessment. The model itself provides 4 stages of organizational maturity, which are:


Key Benefits
clearly organizes core initiatives for each component
allows you to understand where your organization's capabilites for marketing overall
helps you learn how to move from one level to another
offers key metrics that will help measure your success

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World Class Marketing Organization Maturity Model

  1. 1. LEVEL 1 - Cost Center LEVEL 2 - Revenue Neutral LEVEL 3 - Revenue Contributor LEVEL 4 - Profit Center World Class Marketing Organization Leadership Staffing Budget Orientation Marketing plan aligned with and drives business planning CMO, VPs, Directors, Managers and Program Managers CMO compensation tied to revenue & marketing performance Budgeting is connected to revenue growth targets Very reactive, operational, not strategic, no plan No senior leadership in Marketing, possibly a Manager Informal roles & responsibilities, no job description No budget exists, spending is Ad Hoc Still reactive, some campaign plan- ning, no strategic plan Director of Marketing, with Project or Program Managers Basic job descriptions in place but rarely updated A small budget exists for items such as trade shows, etc. Working from a strategic marketing plan and campaign plans VP, Director of Marketing, Program Managers Job descriptions & performance reviews done regularly A budget exists and business cases are created to justify spend WORLD CLASS MARKETING ORGANIZATION Maturity Model
  2. 2. LEVEL 1 - Cost Center LEVEL 2 - Revenue Neutral LEVEL 3 - Revenue Contributor LEVEL 4 - Profit Center Processes Systems Metrics Executive Perspective of Marketing All processes are defined, measured, managed, and optimized All systems fully integrated, analytics & business intelligence Customer lifetime value (CLV), brand equity, cost to acquire, ROI Source of revenue, strategic functiom No processes, activities done ad hoc, reactive in nature Minimal marketing technology in place No metrics or a focus on adver- tising: #impressions, #ads Cost-center, not a strategic function Activities are repeatable and some processes are defined Legacy customer database or CRM system, email marketing Perational metrics such as open rates, click-thrus, registrations Cost-center, sales support function All processes are defined and some measurement in place CRM, marketing automation, with some integration. Cost per lead (CPL), renewal rate %, #sales qualified leads created Cost-center, flashes of brilliance WORLD CLASS MARKETING ORGANIZATION Maturity Model V I E W R E S O U R C E Want to rate your organization’s World Class Marketing maturity with an interactive tool? Download our World Class Marketing Assessment and get started today! World Class Marketing Organization