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Vendor Profile: DocuSign

  1. 1. © 2006 - 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Vendor Profile April 2014 By: Kristen Maida, Research Analyst With: Clare Price, VP Research Discipline: Sales Enablement Category: Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Type: eSignature Platform
  2. 2. 3 4 6 7 8 About DocuSign Management Team Core Product/Service Key Features & Unique Strengths Industry & Market 13 14 15 About the Research Analysts Our Vendor Profile Methodology About Demand Metric 9 12 Customer Case Study Analyst Perspective TABLE OF CONTENTS © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Offices Contact Information Key Facts & Figures DocuSign Headquarters 221 Main Street, Suite 1000 San Francisco, CA USA DocuSign Europe Warnford Court 29 Throgmorton Street London United Kingdom DocuSign Australia 37 Bligh St., Suite 101 Sydney NSW 2000, Australia Website: Email: Phone (USA): +1 866 219 4318 Phone (Europe): +44 (0) 203 510 6500 Phone (Australia): +61 02 8233 6120 Year Founded: 2003 Ownership: Private Revenue Range: Private Employees: 850+ Global Presence: Worldwide Total Funding: $201M (various investments from 2006-2014) Industries: Insurance, Financial Services, High Tech, Healthcare, Higher Education, Real Estate, Life Sciences, Government Customers: Air Canada, Bayer, Comcast, Costco, HP, McKesson,, Red Bull, Siemens, Sony, Xerox, Yahoo! ABOUT DOCUSIGN Vendor Profile: DocuSign Overview: DocuSign’s core products and services are based on an electronic signature (eSignature) platform. This vendor profile will provide vendor information, key features & functionality, unique strengths & differentiation, opportunities for improvement and a real-world use case of an active customer solution. DocuSign serves two very different, yet complementary, markets – Micro/Small Business owners and Mid-market companies and Enterprises. This analysis will focus on the latter. © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. MANAGEMENT TEAM – FOUNDER & KEY EXECUTIVES © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Keith Krach Chairman of the Board & CEO Education: Purdue University Harvard University Business School (graduate) Professional Background: Chairman of the Board, Angie’s List Chairman Emeritus - Board of Trustees, Purdue U International President, Sigma Chi Fraternity Gordon Payne Chief Operating Officer Education: The University of Western Ontario IMD Business School (graduate) Professional Background: SVP – Desktop & Cloud Division, Citrix Member – Board of Directors, Vyatta, Inc. Member – Board of Directors, Kabira Technologies Tom Gonser Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Education: University of Washington Professional Background: Founder, GPSFlight, Inc. Founder, President & CEO, NetUPDATE VP Business Development, 4 Vendor Profile: DocuSign
  5. 5. MANAGEMENT TEAM – KEY EXECUTIVES © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Dustin Grosse Chief Marketing Officer Education: Yale University School of Management (graduate) Professional Background: General Manager – Worldwide Field Readiness, Microsoft General Manager – Sales & Marketing, Microsoft VP Worldwide Marketing, PlaceWare Web Conferencing Meagen Eisenberg Vice President of Demand Generation Education: California Polytechnic University – San Luis Obispo Yale University School of Management (graduate) Professional Background: Director – Global Demand Center & Field Marketing, HP Enterprise Security Director – WW Programs, MA & Operations, ArcSight (an HP Company) Director – WW Programs, MA & Field and Services Marketing, ArcSight 5 Vendor Profile: DocuSign
  6. 6. Name: DocuSign’s eSignature Platform Description: Electronic Signature (eSignature) Platform & Digital Transaction Management Sales Enablement Category: Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Type: eSignature Platform Function: To provide a simple, effective solution for companies to get proposals signed by the right people in a timely fashion through a secure system that enables access anytime and on any device. Pricing Range: Pricing varies based on number of users and services offered. For additional information review DocuSign’s Pricing page and/or contact DocuSign sales for more information. Target Audience:  Micro/Small Business – Individual & Professional solutions target Sales & Sales Ops Management micro/small businesses. CORE PRODUCT/SERVICE Vendor Profile: DocuSign  Mid-market/Enterprise – Business & Enterprise solutions target Sales & Sales Ops Management in Mid-market to Enterprise organizations. Training, Support & Implementation: DocuSign offers a breadth of options for training and support of their systems, including community discussions, how-to guides, training webinars, DocuSign University and email & phone support. At the Enterprise level (customized solutions), API & Application Integration and Premium Support Packages are available. Integration: DocuSign’s platform integrates with Microsoft Word, CRM & ERP systems (, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and SugarCRM), email (Microsoft Outlook) and collaboration tools (Microsoft SharePoint, Google Apps for Enterprise and Google Drive). 6
  7. 7. KEY FEATURES & UNIQUE STRENGTHS © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved.  Enables document support from creation to secure signature  Provides templates for creation, data integration, PDF conversion and authentication for email, SMS & phone  Includes workflow signature controls, reporting and legal/court compliance features  Supports an array of customers from individuals to large companies through the breadth of products/services  Facilitates international security certification & global user management with geo-location capture  Offers mobile applications for access to documents anytime and on any device  Affords special packaging & pricing for Realtors  Is supported by a large partner network (, Google Drive, etc.) Opportunities for Improvement in Future  Maintaining support and integration across all customer levels and partnerships as new features/functionality are released 7 Vendor Profile: DocuSign
  8. 8. INDUSTRY & MARKET © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Competitors: Adobe EchoSign Benefits to the Sales Enablement Discipline:  Reduces the length of the sales cycle  Extends the reach of business opportunities internationally  Standardizes contract & proposal process across an organization  Provides the ability to create standardized documentation across an organization Benefits to the Sales Enablement End-User:  Enables sales reps to close deals faster  Ensures the collective agreement to all terms & conditions by all parties involved  Allows sales reps to easily manage the progress on contract signing 8 Vendor Profile: DocuSign
  9. 9. CUSTOMER CASE STUDY © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Study Participant Information Name: Brian Frank, Vice President – Global Sales & Operations, LinkedIn Company: Founded in 2003, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with more than 48 million members in over 200 countries on 7 continents. LinkedIn connects professionals in technology, financial services, media, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, fashion and numerous other industries. The LinkedIn Corporate Solutions team provides productivity applications to enterprises which leverage LinkedIn’s unique social graph platform, including the LinkedIn Talent Advantage, a suite of tools to help companies acquire better talent faster. Product/Service Purchased: DocuSign’s eSignature Platform with DrawLoop to Salesforce Integration Length of Relationship: 6 years Problem/Challenge: As early adopters of eSignature solutions, LinkedIn already had experience with this product prior to their relationship with DocuSign. However, the lack of automation in their previous solution caused sales reps to often miss key steps during the initial contract creation and send. In turn, more work was placed on the Accounts Receivable staff to fill in the blanks in order to get invoices paid. This process added 25 days to the billing cycle. In order to ensure process efficiency and a reduced billing cycle, LinkedIn sought to integrate CRM data with contract creation. 9 Vendor Profile: DocuSign
  10. 10. CUSTOMER CASE STUDY Reasons for Product Selection  “The main reason that we chose DocuSign and continue to renew with them each year is that DocuSign really is the industry leading product out there. They are the largest and most reliable, have the most features, are the most invested and the most integrated with other systems on the market. DocuSign is the best Enterprise solution.”  DocuSign integrates directly with Salesforce through DrawLoop, a partner of DocuSign’s that takes all relevant information from a sales opportunity in Salesforce and remits it directly to a DocuSign PDF contract.  DocuSign provides security measures to protect LinkedIn and its customers by creating PDF documents that cannot be modified.  The simplicity and speed of the DocuSign product enables the sales force to complete once lengthy paperwork in a matter of minutes. This speeds up the contract process and billing cycle. 10 Vendor Profile: DocuSign Results  Saved an impressive amount of time on creating & distributing sales contracts  Reduced time from contract creation to signed contract receipt from 25 days to only 5 days  Improved DSO, which allows millions of dollars of outstanding revenue to be obtained annually Overall Experience: “We are very happy with the partnership we have maintained with DocuSign. We really value the vendor level support they have given us; and we have always come together to solve any issues that may arise. They have really worked with us on creating new features & functionality that would be beneficial for our organization. We really appreciate their partnership; and we are really looking forward to continuing expand upon it in the future.”
  11. 11. CUSTOMER CASE STUDY © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Expectations Moving Forward:  “We are excited to see DocuSign grow moving forward, especially for to them create holistic business management solutions for customers.”  “DocuSign is continually pushing themselves from a technological perspective, creating new features & functionality rapidly, and we are definitely planning on continuing to incorporate them in our business solutions.”  “I have high expectations for DocuSign in the future and I am sure they will meet them.” 11 Vendor Profile: DocuSign “DocuSign has changed my life and the lives of the people on my team in really positive and beneficial ways. This really is beyond eSignature, it’s about approvals, it’s about the experience of your document, it’s about saving money, it’s about helping your sales reps be more successful, it’s about lightening the load for your legal team & admins that have to chase down contracts. Dip your toes in the water. This is a very low risk, easy thing to do. And I think you are really going to see some amazing, amazing returns.” – Brian Frank, VP Global Sales & Operations, LinkedIn
  12. 12. ANALYST PERSPECTIVE © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Based on independent research and case studies conducted with DocuSign customers, Demand Metric believes that DocuSign provides a top ranking eSignature platform. DocuSign’s solution includes capabilities that eliminate process inefficiencies related to contract management and support the reduction of the overall sales cycle. These capabilities include:  Simplicity & Speed – After the initial implementation, the DocuSign platform can be easily accessed by any sales rep on any device within an organization. This easy-to-use solution enables sales reps to create a contract with a few simple clicks, send the document to the right people instantaneously and receive a signed contract back from customers without the inconvenience of physically mailing a document or the hassle of contracts getting lost on a desk somewhere.  Widespread External System Integration – DocuSign partners with numerous CRM/ERP, email platform and collaboration tool companies to integrate their solutions directly with other Sales Enablement solutions that will help automate workflows for the customers. DocuSign’s commitment to creating process efficiency through integration with other leading solutions enables customers to streamline the contract management process.  International Security Certification – DocuSign provides customers a very secure solution with PDF documents that cannot be modified and global user management with geo-location capture to ensure documents are coming from the right people internationally. Given the above criterion, Demand Metric would encourage companies seeking an eSignature platform that improves business workflows and enhances sales performance to consider the DocuSign solution during their vendor selection process. 12 Vendor Profile: DocuSign
  13. 13. Clare Price, VP Research – Demand Metric Clare is an expert in marketing strategy, branding, strategic communications, sales enablement, social media marketing, content marketing and leveraging marketing technologies. Clare is a former Gartner Research Director and helped build their Internet Strategies Services division with clients such as Microsoft, IBM, HP, Cisco, Proctor & Gamble and Wells Fargo. Her specialties include: brand strategy, brand development, customer acquisition and relationship development, content and digital marketing strategy, sales enablement and social media marketing. ABOUT THE RESEARCH ANALYSTS © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Kristen Maida, Research Analyst – Demand Metric Kristen has worked with Demand Metric for the past 4 years, learning about and gaining experience in all aspects of the organization. She has developed job functions in almost every department to help with Demand Metric’s rapid growth. Her specialties include: social media marketing, digital marketing, content marketing & management and business process development. 13 Vendor Profile: DocuSign
  14. 14. OUR VENDOR PROFILE METHODOLOGY Demand Metric Vendor Profiles combine analyst insight, customer perspective and vital statistics about vendors that are the subjects of these profiles. They provide the hype-free, need-to-know information about vendors at a glance, enabling more objective consideration of vendors and their offerings. Each vendor profile is the product of hours of analyst research, which typically includes interviews with vendor executives and established vendor clients. Demand Metric analysts use their experience and insight to ask the penetrating questions to fully expose vendor strengths and weaknesses. The resulting vendor profile is formatted in a consistent and accessible way, making it easy for readers to quickly grasp each vendors value proposition. 14 Vendor Profile: DocuSign © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  15. 15. ABOUT DEMAND METRIC Demand Metric is a global marketing research & advisory firm serving a membership community of over 38,000 marketing professionals, CEOs, and business owners with advisory services, custom research & benchmarking reports, solution studies, consulting methodologies, training, and a library of 500+ premium tools and templates. Using Demand Metric resources, members complete projects faster and with greater confidence, boosting respect for the marketing team and making it easier to justify needed resources. Our 1,000+ clients range from start-ups to members of the Global 1000. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT DEMAND METRIC To discover how Demand Metric can help you become more strategic, please visit us online at MEMBER SUPPORT For information, inquiries and general support, please contact us toll-free at +1 866 947 7744, or We offer discounts for academic and nonprofit institutions, provide group memberships and license our content to associations and large enterprises for use on corporate universities and intranets. Vendor Profile © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 15