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Sales Training Framework


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Use this Sales Training Framework to define the activities required to successfully create, plan and execute a sales training plan.

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Sales Training Framework

  1. 1. Buying Process Stage Template Customer Profile Tool Competitive Analysis Tool Competitive Products Sales Reference Sales Forecasting Tool Feature Advantage Benefit Tool Sales Productivity Metrics (Monthly) Sales Productivity Metrics (Quarterly) Key Account Reporting Tool Key Account Analysis Tool Sales Script Template Sales Proposal Template Unique Selling Proposition Template Bid or No-Bid Assessment Sales Training Assessment Sales Skills Assessment Sales Enablement Strategy Scorecard SALES TRAINING Framework Leverage the framework below to quickly empower your organization’s sales training strategy. Click the buttons below to access all related training, tools, templates, and other resources. Qualified Lead Definition Tool Sales Playbook Template Account Scoring Template SPIN Selling Questions Tool Sales Productivity Metrics (Daily) Sales Presentation Template Decision Maker Influencer Map Objection Responses Tool Territory Management Checklist SELL4 PLAN5POSITION2 PROCESS3 MEASURE61 ASSESS