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Sales Training Assessment


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Sales Training Assessment

  1. 1. Sales Recruiting AssessmentRank your organizations compliance with each best practice using the drop-down box in the Score column. Process Description of Best Practices Score Areas of Concern Our company has identified & implemented sales best practices based on the review of top performers 5 A comprehensive Sales Training Manual has been created to document our methods 5 Staff is in place to provide training, support, and system administration 2 The sales training process is reviewed and improved on a regular basis 2 Sales Training Workshops are conducted at least once per year to maintain continuous improvement 2 Our sales trainees follow a standardized process to prospect & qualify opportunities 1 Sales training support functions & resources are in place for new trainees 1 We use standardized Sales Scripts, Presentations, Proposals, and other collateral to maintain consistency 1
  2. 2. Sales measurement is part of the training process 5Self Management & PlanningDescription of Best Practices Score Areas of ConcernEach sales trainee has a clearly defined plan that outlines how they will achieve their annual sales target 3Each sales trainee has a personal plan that outlines how to develop their existing customer base 5If a sales target is not met our sales trainees know exactly what steps are required to get them back on plan 4Our sales trainees have specific objectives planned before each sales call 2Our sales trainees always conduct a post call review with a senior sales associate 2 4Our sales trainees are encouraged to participate in self-development (ex. Extra product training and/or systems training)Our sales trainees accept responsibility for their results 5Each sales trainee has well defined personal goals for the year 4Business Development
  3. 3. Description of Best Practices Score Areas of ConcernSales product training is provided to trainees 3Sales coaching and mentoring is provided to new trainees 5Our sales teams are pro-active in opening new doors for new sales trainees 4Our sales trainees dedicate a percentage of their day to new prospect development 4Each of our sales trainees understand the ideal target prospect 4Our sales trainees use a lead nurturing strategy in building new business 5Our sales trainees are taught how to use referrals to create new business interest 4Our sales trainees are well researched before the first meeting with a new prospect 3Our sales trainees are effective at generating new appointments by phone 3Sales trainees ask thought-provoking questions that generate information gathering responses from prospects 2
  4. 4. Sales trainees will not present any solutions until they fully understand a prospects challenges and needs 2Sales trainees are taught how to effectively probe the pain points that the prospect is facing 5Sales PresentationsDescription of Best Practices Score Areas of ConcernSales trainees are taught how to tailor presentations for each client or prospects needs 5Our sales trainees are taught how to describe the features, benefits and applications of our products and services 5Our sales trainees can clearly build ROI cases for our clients pains 5Our sales trainees can clearly define our value proposition 1Our sales trainees ask buying questions along the presentation for acceptance 1We have passionate sales trainees who know how to deliver strong presentations 1Our sales trainees understand our strengths versus our competitors 1
  5. 5. Our sales trainees are able to demonstrate value for the prices we charge 4Relationship ManagementDescription of Best Practices Score Areas of Concern 5Our sales trainees understand our solutions and feel comfortable discussing solutions with our clients and prospectsOur sales trainees give clients and prospects at least 50% of the talking time 4Our sales trainees are capable of discussing real customer needs and the impact of key challenges 4Our sales trainees are active listeners who take down valuable notes about the clients pains 3Our sales trainees have a set agenda when meeting clients & prospects 4Our sales trainees will not compromise short term gain over long term relationships 3Our sales trainees outline meeting expectations before each appointment 3Our sales trainees are taught how to continue relationships with lost customers 5
  6. 6. Our sales trainees keep in touch with clients all year round and not only during buying seasons 2 2Key Account Planning, Stakeholder Analysis, and/or Territory Management tools are in place to assist sales traineesWhen a client is lost our sales trainees always debrief to find out why 5Closing SalesDescription of Best Practices Score Areas of ConcernOur sales trainees maximize the benefits our value proposition along the sales process 1Our sales trainees understand the benefits our clients and prospects will gain from our products and services 1During negotiations our sales trainees emphasize value when discussing price 2Sales trainees do not make concessions unless they receive approval from a senior sales associate 2Our sales trainees are fair and professional when it comes to negotiating 1Our sales trainees are confident when asking for the order 2
  7. 7. Our sales trainees are trained in handling the top 10 most common objections 1As we go through the sales process our sales trainees regularly trial close for acceptance 2Our sales trainees convert at least 50% of their presentations 3
  8. 8. Use this Scorecard to benchmark capabilities, to measure improvements, and to identify your strengths & weaknesses related to best practices in Sales Training.A score of 5.0 in each category is the highest ranking you can achieve. Sales Training Criteria Our Firm Goal State Sales Training Index Process 2.7 3.2 Process 5.0 Self Management & Planning 3.6 4.1 4.0 Self Closing Sales 3.0 Management Business Development 3.7 4.2 & Planning 2.0 1.0 Sales Presentations 2.9 3.4 Relationship Business Relationship Management 3.6 4.1 Management Development Closing Sales 1.7 2.2 Sales Presentations Sales Training Score 3.0 3.5