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Sales Recruiting Assessment


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Sales Recruiting Assessment

  1. 1. Sales Recruiting AssessmentRank your organizations compliance with each best practice using the drop-down box in the Score column. Recruiting Process Description of Best Practices Score Areas of Concern We gather information about a candidates work history 2 We conduct an in-person work history interview, followed by an in-person behavioral interview 1 We use an interview evaluation scoring matrix to make objective yes/no decisions 2 We have a defined process for selecting a candidate and know how many steps are in the recruiting process 2 We conduct a preliminary telephone interview to identify initial fit 1 Candidate Validation Description of Best Practices Score Areas of Concern We validate each candidates business writing skills 3 We validate each candidates presentation skills 5
  2. 2. We test the candidates sales skills & knowledge 4We validate education & past employment 3We contact each of the candidate’s references 3Candidate FitDescription of Best Practices Score Areas of ConcernWe share enough information about the role with the candidate for them to make an informed decision 3We put a great deal of weight on the candidates past results 5At least 2 other team members are part of the evaluation process 4Turnover & ManagementDescription of Best Practices Score Areas of ConcernWe have less then a 20% turnover rate 2Sales managers spend a small fraction of their day solving problems for their staff 3We have a well-defined Job Profile & Responsibilities 2
  3. 3. We rarely lose candidates to other offers 1MetricsDescription of Best Practices Score Areas of ConcernNew hires usually achieve their sales targets within 3 months of being recruited and trained 1Our employees know whether or not they’re meeting goals 2We profile our top performers and set benchmarks for new hires 2We know the total cost of hiring 1
  4. 4. Use this Scorecard to benchmark capabilities, to measure improvements, and to identify your strengths & weaknesses related to best practices in Sales Recruiting.A score of 5.0 in each category is the highest ranking you can achieve. Sales Recruiting Criteria Our Firm Goal State Sales Recruiting Index Recruiting Process 1.3 1.8 Recruiting Process 5.0 Candidate Validation 3.6 4.1 4.0 3.0 Candidate Candidate Fit 4.0 4.5 Metrics 2.0 Validation 1.0 Turnover & Management 2.0 2.5 Metrics 1.5 2.0 Turnover & Candidate Fit Management Sales Recruiting Score 2.1 2.5