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Quality Management Plan


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You need to ensure that your project will meet its quality objectives. Get it @

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Quality Management Plan

  1. 1. Quality Management PlanPurposeQuality is the degree to which the project fulfills requirements. It must always be plannedinto a project in order to prevent unnecessary work, to eliminate waste, control cost andtime.This quality management plan will outline the following:  COMPANY XYZ management of quality policies & procedures for processes  COMPANY XYZ management of quality policies & procedures for deliverables  Frequency and responsibilities for management review of this plan  Guidance of COMPANY XYZ staff including the Project team and the responsibilities of the Quality Management RepresentativeApproachIn order to be successful, this project will meet its quality objectives by utilizing anintegrated quality approach to define quality standards, measure quality and continuouslyimprove quality. Plan Do Improve Analyse
  2. 2. PlanThe project team will work with the Quality Management Representative to define anddocument all organizational and project specific quality standards that will be used todetermine successful outcomes.DoThe Quality Management Representative will be responsible for working with the projectteam to define these metrics, conduct measurements, and analyze results.All quality documentation will become part of the Project Plan and will be transitioned tothe PMO upon the successful completion of the project.AnalyzeMetrics will be established and used to measure quality throughout the project life cycle.Examples of metrics include cost, schedule, resources, performance, etc.These product and process measurements will be used as one criterion in determining thesuccess of the project and must be reviewed by the project sponsor.ImproveQuality improvements will be identified by any member of the project. Eachrecommendation will be reviewed to determine the cost versus benefit of implementingthe improvement and how the improvement will impact the product or processes.If an improvement is implemented the project manager will update all projectdocumentation to include the improvement and the quality manager will update theorganizational documentation the improvement affects.
  3. 3. General InformationThis document consists of the quality management plan for the following project: Project Title Project Management Office (PMO) Project Sponsor Jane Doe, Vice President Jim Thompson, Director Project Manager (Email); (Phone) +1 (555) 555-5555 Tim Smith Bob Park Project Team Members Jill Smith Ted Donahue Amanda Hunter Project Start Date October 1, 2013 Project End Date November 1, 2014Quality AssuranceThis section will ensure that quality standards and operational definitions are satisfied byhelping you to identify the following:  A process for auditing the quality requirements  The actual quality assurance metrics used for this projectUse the table below to outline the actual quality assurance metrics for the project.
  4. 4. Process Stakeholder Assurance Process Frequency Owner Standards Expectations Activity Functionality 100% success Lead Developers ability Testing On-Going Testing rate DeveloperQuality ControlThis section will help you to identify the process for monitoring and recording the resultsof executing the quality activities in order to:  Assess performance  Recommend necessary changesIn the context of this template, quality control applies to the project’s deliverables asopposed to its processes. It should include what the acceptable standards and/orperformance are for the product and how these measurements will be conducted.
  5. 5. Use the table below to outline the actual quality control metrics for the project. Deliverable Stakeholder Control Deliverable Frequency Owner Standards Expectations Activity Secure online Level 1 PCI DSS Level 1 PCI is Security Lead On-Going transaction Compliant sufficient security testing DeveloperProblem TrackingUse Demand Metric’s Quality Log Template itemize, document, and track items reportedthrough quality management activities.