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Promote Corporate Events with Press Releases


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Promote Corporate Events with Press Releases

  1. 1. Executive SummaryPromote Corporate Events with Press ReleasesPress releases are a very cost-effective and underutilized marketing tool. Read thisreport to understand when it would make sense to publish a press release.Additionally, use our Public Relations Plan and Press Release Template to guide youthrough the process.When is a Good Time for a Press Release? • Corporate Anniversaries & Milestones - are you celebrating any anniversaries or milestones in the next few months? If so, this is a perfect time to engage the media with your story and get some free publicity. • New Customer Acquisition - rapidly expanding hosted CRM vendor,, does a press release for just about every customer they sign up on their service. Learn from this market leader and do co-promotions. • Industry Conferences & Tradeshows - if you are hosting or sponsoring a major industry conference, have a keynote speaker, or will be featured at a tradeshow, consider writing a press release to increase attendance rates. • Hiring New Executives - if you have just hired a top notch executive to steer your organization, use the opportunity to communicate to stakeholders. • Launching New Products - new product offerings or entering an emerging market is another excellent time to provide journalists with content ideas. • Promoting Social Responsibility - dont miss the chance to communicate your social values and programs to the community that supports you. • Grand Openings - inform your market about new store locations, grand openings, or other business news that they will find interesting and timely.Action Plan: 1. Learn PR Best Practices - read our report Building Successful PR Campaigns to learn how to develop a solid, measurable, PR program in your organization. You dont have to be an expert to keep this function in-house. 2. Create a Public Relations Plan - use our Public Relations Plan template to build your annual media plan. 3. Develop your Press Release - use our Press Release Template as a starting point when developing your press release. Submit your release using PR Web or PR Newswire and then track your results over the coming weeks. © 2009 Demand Metric Research Corporation