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Project Charter Template


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Project Charter Template

  1. 1. Project Charter TemplatePurposeUse the Project Charter Template to establish a clear project scope, decision rights, andexecutive sponsorship for your project.Be sure to customize this template accordingly. When required, delete the sample textprovided and fill in the blanks with information that is directly related to the project.This template has been pre-populated with an example of what a sample project chartermight look like for a fictional mobile marketing program. Change, delete, or add to theexample as required.
  2. 2. [Project Name] Project Charter By [Enter Name Here] For [Enter Name Here]Effective Date:Document Owner:Version:Version Date Revision / Description Author:Approval:Approver Title:Approval Date:
  3. 3. Table of Contents Page1. Project Overview 42. Project Description 4 2.1 Project Purpose 2.2 Background 2.3 Project Scope 2.4 Project Deliverables 2.5 Project Timeframe 2.6 Project Resources & Responsibilities3. Key Success Factors 84. Risk Identification 95. Project Stakeholders 116. Communication Plan 127. Decision Rights 128. Approval 13
  4. 4. 1. Project OverviewThe following table includes basic information that is associated with the project. Pleasecontact the project manager with any additional questions or comments. Project Title Mobile Marketing Program Project Sponsor VP of Sales & Marketing Project Manager Mobile Marketing Manager Project Manager Contact (Email); (Phone) +1 (555) 555-5555 Director of Marketing Director of IT Project Team Members Director of Sales Customer Service Manager Other Project Start Date October 1, 20122. Project Description 2.1 Project Purpose The effective use of mobile media is becoming increasingly important for today’s marketers. According to a recent report written by Borrell Associates, mobile marketing spend will grow approximately 21 times in the next 6 years. <Insert more up-to-date stat if necessary> <Insert Organization Name> needs to develop an official mobile marketing strategy in order to achieve benefits in the following areas: 1. Marketing
  5. 5. • Improving brand image • Increasing mind share • Cross promotion 2. Sales • Increasing revenue • Acquiring customers • Gaining customer insights 3. Customer Service • Increasing customer retention • Increasing customer satisfaction • Automation Ultimately, the purpose of this project is to develop a mobile marketing strategy and to execute the strategy effectively across the selected mobile channels in order to achieve the aforementioned benefits.2.2 Background Consumers are rapidly adopting mobile media, yet the adoption of mobile marketing by organizations has lagged. <Insert Organization Name> must follow customers, prospects and partners into the mobile world. According to Wikipedia, mobile marketing can be described as marketing on or with a mobile device. Examples of mobile marketing channels include, but are not limited to, the following: • SMS Messaging • QR Codes • Coupons • Display Ads • Apps • Video
  6. 6. • Etc. Customers will interact via mobile media whether or not <Insert Organization Name> is prepared; <Insert Organization Name> can leverage the growth of mobile media to improve customer engagement, increase sales, and <List Other Benefits Here>. <Insert Organization Name> has an opportunity to bring benefits to sales, marketing, and customer service by engaging in mobile marketing.2.3 Project Scope Document what is in scope for this project and explicitly state what is not in scope. If you are planning on a phased approach, provide a summary of what each phase will look like from your perspective. You will find a brief example below: The scope for the mobile marketing project includes: • Formalizing the mobile marketing strategy (concentrated on achieving the specific benefits outlined in the Project Purpose of this document) • Executing the mobile marketing strategy • Integrating mobile with the existing marketing mix • Measuring the mobile marketing programs It is understood that the project will unfold in three phases: 1. Planning 2. Execution & Integration 3. Measurement & Improvement2.4 Project 1. PlanningDeliverables • Mobile Marketing Strategy Plan Document • Mobile Marketing Channel Selection Report • Vendor Selection Report
  7. 7. • Mobile Marketing Program Business Case 2. Execution & Integration • Mobile Marketing Program Launch (App) • Mobile Marketing Program Launch (SMS) 3. Measurement & Improvement • Monthly reporting and analysis (Dashboard) • Refinement of program launch (App & SMS)2.5 Project Start date: October 1, 2012Timeframe Estimated end date: This is an ongoing initiative which will be evaluated quarterly2.6 Project Include roles, responsibilities and estimated time allocation to theResources and project:Responsibilities 1. Mobile Marketing Manager • Oversee all mobile marketing efforts and resource allocation • Collect and reporting project metrics • Establish marketing objectives for mobile marketing • Monitor and select mobile channels • Develop strategies for cross-platform promotion • Harvest customer insight 2. VP of Sales & Marketing • Project approval and executive representation 3. Director of Sales • Establish sales strategy for mobile media (e.g. exclusive discounts, interaction with online store, offline opportunities) • Harvest customer insight
  8. 8. 4. Director of IT • Install monitoring and/or aggregating software • Provide input during vendor selection 5. Customer Service Manager • Establish customer service goals and processes to be used when interacting with customers via mobile channels • Provide response mechanism and personnel to respond to customer requests and issues3. Key Success FactorsWhat are the key success factors for the project (i.e. the factors that are a necessarycondition for success of the project)? • Committed team members • Adequate resource allocation • Adequate project time allowance • Tolerance for intangible benefitsHow will success be measured? (Insert KPIs Here) • Results • Sales • Level of interaction • Brand Sentiment • Successful implementation and use of monitoring tools • Adherence to acceptable use policy while attaining objectives
  9. 9. 4 – Risk IdentificationWhat are some of the risks that may be encountered during the project? Indicate high levelmitigation strategies. (Note: A risk is defined as anything that could potentially affect thesuccess of the project).The following are a few examples of some of the risks the project may experience during amobile marketing program implementation. They may or may not be applicable depending onwhich mobile marketing opportunities are driving your initiative (sales, marketing, andcustomer service).Add and delete rows and examples as they fit to the organization.Risk Category Probabilit Risk Mitigation Strategy ySecurity Med Risk of employees • Implement policies that downloading malware, indicate appropriate conduct viruses, etc. when by employees. downloading apps.Project Team High Competing resources • Ensure personnel have clearAvailability when implementing a directives and are fully multi-department committed to the project project can jeopardize before it gets underway mobile program success.Stability of High Evolving medium could • Clarify expectations withRequirements mean rapid change to project owners (sales, requirements and on- marketing, customer service), the-fly adaptation. and front-line staff
  10. 10. Risk Category Probabilit Risk Mitigation Strategy yLack of Adoption Medium Response time is critical • Ensure staff is equipped with to achieving objectives, adequate monitoring tools particularly in customer and know how to use them. service. • Develop process for issue escalation as required. • Empower mobile representatives to resolve customer issues with an adequate level of autonomy.Bandwidth Low An increase in • Plan for any bandwidth bandwidth requirements requirements with IT to support mobile network staff. marketing efforts.Increased Cost of Low Additional resources • Augment existing customerServicing may be allocated to service responsibilities withCustomers mobile marketing mobile requests. campaigns without • If a dedicated resource is not seeing immediate ROI. available, dedicate a specific amount of time per employee to be spent addressing customer concerns and create a knowledge database with FAQs.
  11. 11. 5. Project StakeholdersProject stakeholders are all of the people who have a vested interest in the project, yet are notinvolved in the day-to-day operations of the project. Stakeholder Name Role Project Responsibilities Defining and evaluating strategy, communicating with other team members and John Doe Project Manager stakeholders, obtaining metrics and compiling weekly reports on project status, conducting meetings. Project approval, negotiating for resources, Susan Bell Project Sponsor reviewing reports, attending quarterly meetings. Defining and enforcing marketing strategy, Director, Enter name monitoring mobile activities for acceptable use, Marketing reviewing reports, attending monthly meetings. Ensuring adequate IT resources are available for the duration of the project, providing Enter name Director, IT technology support, managing security, privacy, archival of content, attending quarterly meetings. Defining and promoting integrated sales tactics, Enter name Director, Sales monitoring mobile activities for acceptable use, reviewing reports, attending monthly meetings. Defining and enforcing customer service Customer Service strategy, monitoring mobile activities for Enter name Manager acceptable use, reviewing reports, attending monthly meetings. Enter name Other <Enter Text Here>
  12. 12. 6. Communication PlanProvide an outline of the high-level communications plan. Specific dates are not required.Stakeholder Frequency Method PurposeProject Manager Weekly E-mail update • Discuss project progress, issues, etc. • Preliminary metrics and evaluations. • Rating relative effectiveness.Project Manager, Monthly Meeting • Provide complete projectStakeholders update. • Get feedback from the team. • Adjust strategy as necessary.Project Manager, Quarterly Meeting • Outline wins and statisticsStakeholders, Project from the previous quarter.Sponsor • Review roadblocks and workarounds. • Evaluate resource allocation. • Plan for continued initiative.7. Decision RightsTo support the timeline of the mobile marketing project and respect executive time, theproject manager has decided on the following decision rights procedure: 1. Any e-mail or voicemail sent to the project sponsor that requires a go or no-go decision will specify a decision date or time within reasonable limits.
  13. 13. 2. A non-answer from the project sponsor by the specified date or time will imply approval and the project may continue. 3. If the project sponsor does not agree or requires further clarification, he/she must contact the project manager within the specified timeline.8. Approval___________________________________ _______________________________ Project Approver Signature Date___________________________________ _______________________________ Project Sponsor Signature Date___________________________________ _______________________________ Project Manager Signature Date