Professional Development Plan


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Professional Development Plan

  1. 1. Professional Development PlanPurposeThis template has been designed to assist you with gathering measurable feedbackregarding an employee’s past performance, attitude, and ability to do their job.Developing Professional Development Plans is essential for maintaining motivation, assessingdepartment capabilities, and managing your staff effectively. Managers who do not deal withperformance issues reduce employee morale, decrease credibility of management, diminishorganizational effectiveness, and contribute to increased costs for resources.Scope of ReviewUse a standardized planning form with which both you and your employees can becomefamiliar. When filling the performance dimensions to be assessed, include responsibilitiesfrom the job description, any assigned goals from the strategic plan, as well as needed skillsand behaviors for the defined job/role.Following are the major sections that comprise a Professional Development Plan. Section 1 – Overview of Previous Quarter Section 2 – Accomplishments and Obstacles Section 3 – Strengths and Opportunities Section 4 – Goals, Targets and Action Items Section 5 – Professional Development Plan
  2. 2. Employee Name:Manager Name:Title:Review Date:For Period:Section 1 – Overview of Previous QuarterGoals, Targets, and Action ItemsObjective #1 -Objective #2 -Objective #3 -Objective #4 - Programs and Initiatives KPIs and Action Items Target TimeframesProgram #1 -Program #2 -Initiative #1 -
  3. 3. Section 2 – Accomplishments and ObstaclesDocument accomplishments and discuss the impact these had on the organization.Key Accomplishments for This Review PeriodAccomplishment 1:Accomplishment 2:Accomplishment 3:Document any obstacles that stood in the way of your objectives.Discuss any added responsibilities that had an impact on established objectives andexpected results. Also, indicate how did these results and contributions supportedorganizational goals?Obstacles for This Review PeriodObstacle 1:Obstacle 2:Obstacle 3:
  4. 4. Section 3 – Strengths & OpportunitiesSummarize the top three strengths and opportunities that need to be focused on. Be sure toconsider the following questions: 1. Which strengths were instrumental in helping to achieve goals and results? 2. Which strengths are most important for achieving results next year? 3. Are there ways the employee can build on these key strengths? 4. Which improvements are critical to the employee’s ability to meet objectives? 5. What improvements have the employee’s manager, co-workers, or customers identified during the year?Strengths: 1. Strength 1 2. Strength 2 3. Strength 3Opportunities: 1. Opportunity 1 2. Opportunity 2 3. Opportunity 3Section 4 – Goals, Targets and Action Items for Upcoming Quarter Goals, Targets, and Action ItemsObjective #1 -
  5. 5. Objective #2 -Objective #3 -Objective #4 - Programs and Initiatives KPIs and Action Items Target TimeframesProgram #1 -Program #2 -Initiative #1 -Initiative #2 -Section 5 – Professional Development PlanThis section should be completed once the employee and manager have agreed upondesired areas for improvement. Be sure your professional development plan is linked to the
  6. 6. upcoming department goals & objectives. Your development plan should include specificdevelopment objectives, related activities to support knowledge & skill growth, and measures& timeframes for completion. Employee Development Plan:Developmental Objective 1:Developmental Objective 2:Developmental Objective 3:Thank you for completing this Professional Development Plan. By assessing pastperformance and evaluating future organizational development needs, we are demonstratingour commitment to professional growth and success.By signing, you agree to focus on your strengths and opportunities to develop further.Additionally, we agree to include your suggestions for process improvement.Employee Name: Manager Name:Employee Signature: Manager Signature:Review Date: Review Date: