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Product Development Framework


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Use this Product Development Framework to define the activities required to successfully create, plan and execute a product development plan.

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Product Development Framework

  1. 1. Leverage the framework below to quickly empower your organization’s product development strategy. Click the buttons below to access all related training, tools, templates, and other resources. REVIEW8 Post Project Evaluation 1 Engaging Targets with Market Research Facilitating Insightful Focus Groups Market Research Report SWOT Analysis DEFINE2 MarketRequirements Document Product Features Prioritization POSITION4 MarketSegmentation andAnalysis PositioningStatement Worksheet DEVELOP6 Product Roadmap ProductDevelopment Budget 7 Product Launch Plan ProductLaunch Checklist BUILD5 Break Even Analysis Product Profitability Analysis ProductDevelopment Charter ProductDevelopment Prioritization 3 Competitive Analysis Product Feature Competitive Analysis PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Framework LAUNCH VALIDATE EVALUATE