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Pinterest Implementation Checklist


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Pinterest Implementation Checklist

  1. 1. Pinterest  Implementation  Checklist Description of Tasks Owner Due Date StatusRequest  an  InviteRequest an invite from a friend with a Pinterest account or directly from Pinterest (Pinterest is currently by invitation only). Sally 23-Mar-12 On HoldDecide  on  Board  NamesBrainstorm at least five creative yet specific board names. Bob 30-Mar-12 On TrackResearch customer interests to ensure some boards are about things your customers enjoy. Jessica 16-Mar-12 OverdueChange Pinterest automatically recommended board names to your own board names to communicate the persona of your company. Jordan 06-Apr-12 On TrackEnsure that all board names and planned content are consistent with your branding messages. Bob 30-Mar-12 On TrackActivate  Your  Pinterest  AccountRegister your Pinterest account using email or your business Twitter username (do not use the Facebook option as Pinterest only allowsintegration with Personal Facebook pages). On TrackCustomize your Pinterest profile. Completed
  2. 2. Make sure the "Visibility" setting allows your profile to be visible for indexing and searching by search engines. OverdueAccount  Information  and  Board  CreationOptimize the copy in your "About" section and page name for SEO. On TrackInclude website URL and location in your account information. CompletedCreate a minimum of five boards, using the name you identified previously (create as many boards as you like, but start with at least five). OverduePin  Images  to  BoardsIdentify images for pinning to your boards. On TrackConsider the order in which you will pin images to your boards: the last image pinned becomes the large image at the top of the board. CompletedPin at least five images to each of your boards. OverdueEnsure that you have the rights to each image you pin to one of your boards. At RiskPromote  Your  Presence  on  Pinterest
  3. 3. Invite customers, partners, employees and others to follow you on Pinterest via the email option. Note: you can only connect Pinterest to apersonal Facebook account, so it is recommended that you use the email option, even though a Facebook invitation option is available. On TrackPublicize your Pinterest presence on all the social media channels you use. CompletedFollow any clients you have that are using Pinterest. OverdueAdd "Pin it" or "Follow me" buttons to your website - images available from the Pinterest website. At RiskDevelop  Your  Pinning  ScheduleTo get the most out of Pinterest, plan on pinning several times a day. Begin by pinning once a day, but gradually work up to pinning two tothree times daily. Identify enough images to let you do this. Note: do not pin many images at once, as this is the equivalent of "spamming" - On Tracklimit pins to four to five at a time.Use the Social Media Posting Calendar to help you organize and schedule your pinning activity. CompletedComment on and "Like" other users pins to get maximum visibility in the Pinterest news feed. OverdueMonitor  Popular  PinsPeriodically check the "Popular" page on Pinterest to determine what types of pins are getting the most comments, likes and repins. On Track
  4. 4. Use data about Popular pins to help you plan what to pin or repin on your boards. CompletedMeasure  Your  ResultsMonitor the amount of traffic Pinterest is sending to your website. On TrackMake note of the type of pins that are getting the most "Likes", comments and repins. Be sure that you pin more of what is working well. On Track