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Partnership Marketing Evaluation Matrix

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Partnership Marketing Evaluation Matrix

  1. 1. Partnership Marketing Evaluation Matrix Partner Partner PartnerEvaluation Criteria Weight Notes Option A Option B Option CStrategy - Strategic plans and goals are fully aligned. The value proposition is clear for all parties involved. The business plan makes sense.Rate on a scale (1-10) 20% 7 8 10Buy-In - Strong commitment from senior management and all levels of the organizationRate on a scale (1-10) 10% 2 7 7Branding - Strong brand positioning, high standards and well-respected in respective industry or market sector.Rate on a scale (1-10) 15% 5 8 7Customers - The partnership is necessary to deliver benefits that neither organization can deliver alone.Rate on a scale (1-10) 10% 10 9 7Resources - Requirements are specific and well-documented. The partnership implores all parties to deliver on said requirements.Rate on a scale (1-10) 20% 2 7 9Targets - Clear and concise KPIs/revenue targets have been discussed and are attainable.Rate on a scale (1-10) 5% 7 5 7Stability - All parties are in a stable cash position. The organization is stable overallRate on a scale (1-10) 10% 7 7 5
  2. 2. Openness - The potential partner is open with their business strategy. Areas of potential competition have been identifed & dicussed.Rate on a scale (1-10) 5% 7 8 7Technology - Software being used is dynamic in nature and can be integrated quickly without becoming a major cost center.Rate on a scale (1-10) 5% 7 9 7Weighted Totals 100% 5.5 7.6 7.8