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Mobile Marketing Solution Study


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Mobile Marketing Solution Study

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing: Insights, Landscape & Vendor Analysis © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Solution Study By: Clare Price, VP Research With: Kristen Maida, Senior Research Analyst June 2014
  2. 2. 3 4 6 7 9 12 Executive Summary What is Mobile Marketing? Benefits of Mobile Marketing Table of Contents Mobile Marketing Deployment Lifecycle Vendor Selection Criteria Mobile Marketing Solutions Landscape Analyst Bottom Line About the Research Analysts Our Solution Study Methodology Mobile Marketing Maturity Model Action Plan 25 About Demand Metric 22 23 24 18 20
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved. It has been said that “All Marketing is Digital Marketing,” and with good reason! In the last decade, marketing has been transformed. Marketing has moved from an environment in which traditional marketing, brick and mortar storefronts and Digital Marketing options all competed for the time, attention and resources of the marketing department to one in which Digital Marketing reigns supreme (with an occasional nod in the direction of the storefront or traditional marketing channels, such as direct mail and print advertising). In our Digital Marketing Solution Study Series, we examine ten digital marketing components and offer independent reports for six of these. In this report, we will focus on the growing practice area of Mobile Marketing and cover the following sections:  A Definition of Mobile Marketing  The Benefits of Mobile Marketing  Mobile Marketing Deployment Lifecycle  Vendor Selection Criteria  Mobile Marketing Solutions Landscape  Mobile Marketing Maturity Model  Vendor Selection Criteria  Action Plan & Toolkit Mobile Marketing: Insights, Landscape & Vendor Analysis 3
  4. 4. The introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010 changed everything. Prior to this, the primary benefit of a cell phone was that it was wireless. Then in one (or two) sweeps, the mobile computing device landscape was born. Today, anyone who hits a non-responsive website (website not able to detect a mobile device and provide an optimal viewing experience for that device) is immediately frustrated and likely to quickly click away. For Modern Marketers, that’s a big problem that this report is designed to help you solve. The insights and analysis presented in this report are given to provide marketers with a solid understanding of the current Mobile Marketing environment. We will examine the landscape, vendors and solutions for two categories of Mobile Marketing – Mobile Application Development Frameworks and Platforms, and Mobile Content Development & Management Platforms to enable marketers to incorporate Mobile Marketing within their broader Digital Marketing Strategy. WHAT IS MOBILE MARKETING? © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 4 Mobile Marketing: Insights, Landscape & Vendor Analysis Demand Metric believes that an effective Mobile Marketing strategy and deployment must be multi-channel, device agnostic and provide Enterprise system integration as well as web server application development and management. Demand Metric defines Mobile Marketing as the strategies, processes, tools and technologies that support the development, deployment, management and measurement of marketing activities via mobile devices, primarily smartphones and tablets running iOS, Android, Kindle or Windows operating systems. Role in Digital Marketing Demand Metric considers Mobile Marketing to be an integral part of Digital Marketing as illustrated by Figure 1. Mobile Marketing processes and technologies are used primarily by Product Marketing, which is responsible for the developing and deploying mobile apps. That said, several other roles contribute to developing these apps, including Strategic Comm, Demand Gen, Content Marketing, Social Media and Customer Experience.
  5. 5. TECHNOLOGY Senior Management ROLES RESPONSIBILITIES PROCESSES TECHNOLOGY CONTENT METRICS Revenue Accountability Staffing & Channel Management Reporting to CEO/Board Budgeting & Planning Reviews & Coaching Recruitment & Retention WCM Marketing Automation CRM Thought Leadership Blog Webinar Presentations Conference Keynotes Revenue by Channel Customer Lifetime Value, NPS Return on Customer (ROC) Strategic Communications Brand Strategy Digital Marketing Strategy Social/Mobile Marketing Strategy Marketing Budgeting Agency Management Communications Management WCM Content Marketing Platforms Social Media Platforms Data Sheets, Whitepapers Case Studies/Testimonials Competitive Analysis Market Share, Profitability Brand Equity Content Usage Demand Generation Lead Generation & Events Inbound/Outbound Marketing Sales Opportunity Management Advertising/Sponsorship Lead Generation Tradeshows Marketing Automation/Email Digital Asset Management Event/Survey Management Advertising/SEO Email Campaigns Webinars Campaign ROI, Email Metrics Marketing Qualified Leads Contribution to Pipeline Content Marketing Web Content Management Content Marketing Content Distribution Content Creation Campaign Analysis Content Scoring Website and Blogs eBooks, Articles Videos Content Views, Links Earned Content Conversion Content Published WCM, Blogging Platforms, MA Content Marketing & Distribution Video Marketing Platforms Community & Social Media Online Community Management Social Listening Social Engagement Community Development Social Channel Management Social Reputation Management WCM Social Media Platforms Social Channels & Networks Posts, Tweets, Photos Forums, Chats, Comments Articles, Community News User Engagement Sentiment Analysis Campaign ROI Public Relations External Communications Media Relations Analyst Relations Influencer Identification Relationship Cultivation Content Creation/Distribution Media Contact Database News Distribution & Monitoring Analytics & Reporting News Content/Press Releases Thought Leadership Content Rich & Social Media Content Mentions/Impressions Audience Growth & Engagement Sentiment Analysis Product Marketing New Product Development Mobile App Development Video Production/Development Product Launch Product Positioning Competitive Analysis New Features/Ideas for R&D Gamification Competitive Analysis Avg. Revenue Per User Avg. Order Value Conversion Rate, Renewal Rate WCM Mobile Development Platforms Video Production Platforms Customer Experience Interactive Experience Customer Satisfaction Customer Advocacy Customer Experience Customer Journey Mapping Customer Persona Creation Buyer Personas Customer Journey Map Proposals, Presentations Customer Satisfaction Index Customer Lifetime Value Net Promoter Score (NPS) Customer Profile Management Customer Support, Twitter Survey & Social Channels Figure 1: Digital Marketing Framework Mobile Marketing: Insights, Landscape & Vendor Analysis
  6. 6. The primary benefit and urgency for Mobile Marketing is simply this – your prospects and customers are using their mobile devices more than ever. For many, the first connect with your company or offer now is through a mobile device. The better that experience is, the deeper the relationship and engagement will be. The primary benefits of Mobile Marketing include: 1. Provides a consistent customer experience across multiple platforms and channels. 2. Creates real-time view of your app portfolio so you know which apps are popular and which are not. 3. Offers a critical touchpoint in the customer journey and experience. 4. Provides a native mobile customer experience, not one re- designed from the web. 5. Integrates view of your customer’s total experience that is not fragmented by the device and software they are using. 6. Stays connected to your customer as they move from PC to phone to tablet and back. 7. Lowers the cost of marketing campaigns. 8. Converts campaigns to save time and money. 9. Collects more relevant and accurate customer data across multiple touchpoints. 10. Provides a more personalized, local experience, faster. 11. Leverages your app or mobile site to boost downloads, increase page views. 12. Improves the quality of social sharing & engagement. 13. Reduces maintenance and support costs 14. Ensures message consistency across devices and channels. BENEFITS OF MOBILE MARKETING Mobile Marketing: Insights, Landscape & Vendor Analysis
  7. 7. ABOUT THE RESEARCH ANALYSTS © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 22 Clare Price, VP Research– Demand Metric Clare is an expert in marketing strategy, branding, strategic communications, sales enablement, social media marketing, content marketing and leveraging marketing technologies. Clare is a former Gartner Research Director and helped build their Internet Strategies Services division with clients such as Microsoft, IBM, HP, Cisco, Proctor & Gamble and Wells Fargo. Her specialties include: brand strategy, brand development, customer acquisition and relationship development, content and digital marketing strategy, sales enablement and social media marketing. Kristen Maida, Senior Research Analyst – Demand Metric Kristen has worked with Demand Metric for the past 4 years, learning about and gaining experience in all aspects of the organization. She has developed job functions in almost every department to help with Demand Metric’s rapid growth. Her specialties include: social media marketing, digital marketing, content marketing & management and business process development. Mobile Marketing: Insights, Landscape & Vendor Analysis
  8. 8. OUR SOLUTION STUDY METHODOLOGY © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 23 The Modern Marketing landscape is an ever changing, ever evolving environment in which new strategies, technologies, vendors and products appear continually. Demand Metric Solution Studies provide marketers with a focus on a specific technology solution set or focus area so that they are armed with the knowledge, information and tools they need to development effective strategies and action plans for their organizations. Each Solution Study involves hours of analyst research, draws information from interviews with vendor executives and established vendor clients for a specific technology solution and is usually accompanied by a mini Tool-kit of practical resources. Solution Study Tool-kits are designed to provide marketers with the tools & templates they need to plan for an initiative in a given focus area, analyze the vendor landscape and select the best vendor for their organization. Our Digital Marketing series includes Solution Studies on:  Social Media Marketing  Mobile Marketing  Content Marketing We provide a comprehensive overview of Digital Marketing in the companion report – Digital Marketing Best Practices Report.  Video Marketing  Public Relations Mobile Marketing: Insights, Landscape & Vendor Analysis
  9. 9. © 2014 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Solution Study ABOUT DEMAND METRIC Demand Metric is a global marketing research & advisory firm serving a membership community of over 40,000 marketing professionals, CEOs, and business owners with advisory services, custom research & benchmarking reports, vendor studies, consulting methodologies, training, and a library of 500+ tools and templates. Using Demand Metric resources, members complete projects faster and with greater confidence, boosting respect for the marketing team and making it easier to justify needed resources. Our 1,000+ clients range from start-ups to members of the Global 1000. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT DEMAND METRIC To read the rest of this report, become a Demand Metric member today!