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Email Marketing Maturity Model


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Our Email Marketing Maturity Model was designed to help organizations with a roadmap for improving their Email Marketing capabilities. The model provides 4 stages of organizational maturity, which are:

- Undefined
- Progressive
- Mature
- World-Class

Additionally, it evaluates 8 components of Email Marketing, as follows:

- Orientation
- Leadership
- Tools & Platforms
- Lead Generation
- Content Marketing
- Cross-Channel Marketing
- Budget & Staff
- Metrics

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Email Marketing Maturity Model

  1. 1. Email Marketing Stage 1: Undefined Stage 2: Progressive Stage 3: Mature Stage 4: World-Class Orientation No defined strategy or process for Email Marketing Defined strategy and processes exist for Email Marketing in uncoordinated pockets in the organization Defined, integrated strategy and processes exist for Email Marketing across the Enterprise Integrated, Enterprise-wide strategy for Email Marketing exists; Campaigns are tracked by engagement & revenue Leadership One-dimensional view of Email Marketing as push/broadcast strategy Sees need for email nurturing campaigns, optimizing for mobile devices and engaging subscribers via Social Media Long-term commitment to Email Marketing integrated with other cross-channel activities and eCommerce Focused on creating compelling content and personalized messaging; Analytics with lifecycle strategy & execution tools Tools & Platforms Relies on no/low cost Email Marketing platform with predesigned templates for newsletter or email promotions Platform with A/B split testing & auto responders exists; Trigger workflows, form submissions & social sharing Platform is integrated with CRM, MA, social experience and eCommerce platforms (i.e. shopping carts) Comprehensive, end-to- end system with tight integration to Enterprise CRM, MA, social and eCommerce platforms Lead Generation Sporadic; Primary contact through newsletter or blog; No list growth strategy Connected; Growing subscriber lists for Email Marketing; Social Media integration Engaged; Convergence of emails, social and mobile content to drive leads from web, marketing campaigns and events Personalized, localized content, with real-time deliver; Uses analytics and insights to maximize performance of email Content Marketing One-dimensional view of Content Marketing as website & Email Marketing Sees need for rich content for emails; Experimenting, testing and evaluating applications and tools Long-term commitment to rich content, personalized email messaging & targeted list segmentation to optimize integration Platform with CMS, lead scoring, activity tracking & social lead gen; eCommerce, CRM, MA & Enterprise system integration Cross-Channel Marketing (Web, Social, Mobile) No defined cross-channel support for Email Marketing; May have social sharing Coordinated Email Marketing for Sales, Marketing, blogs, web traffic and social channels with usage & response tracking Connects Email Marketing to Advertising (promos, online events, registrations, etc.) via landing pages, auto responders, social media, coupons & mobile delivery Email, social & content integrated with MA & metrics that include CMS, deliverability, reputability, reporting with segmentation & mobile optimization Budget & Staff Budgets for website and Email Marketing; Staff is contracted or Coordinator role Budget allocated, defined roles & tasks for Email Marketing; Campaigns typically outsourced to agency or consultant. Budget with business case to justify spend; Dedicated roles for Email Marketing; In-house & outsourcing Budget connected to goals; Aligned for max impact of integrated Digital Marketing; Experienced, in-house staff Metrics No formal measurements in place Analytics to monitor & track usage & response (open & delivery rates, CTRs) Dashboard monitors key email usage and conversion; Metrics track opens, clicks, forwards, purchases, registers, etc. Enterprise–wide dashboard monitors content & personalization; intelligence for competition, delivery optimization, etc. Email Marketing Maturity Model