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Customer Profile Template


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Customer Profile Template

  1. 1. Demographics (who they are) Age 28 Income $45,000/year Customer Profile #1 - End User Work Experience 5 years in Marketing Psychographics (how they think)Prototype - Kelly Lawson, Marketing Manager, Acme Software Education University or College Degree in Business Decision Making Make decisions quickly because they are so busy with day-to-day operations Likes & Dislikes Like being active and busy, dislike pushy salespeople and complex software Behavioral (what they do) Media Consumption Read online daily, have far too many email newsletter subscriptions Habits & Skills Excellent project managers and skilled at working with outside agencies Research Methods Typically get information from reading reviews onilne or talking to peers Environment (where they operate) Technology Landscape Uses Microsoft Office but I/T manager makes it difficult to buy new software Buying Power Has sign-off authority for purchases under $1,000 Purchasing Process Reviews products, discusses with team and makes purchase with credit card
  2. 2. Demographics (who they are) Age 56 Income $125,000 per yearCustomer Profile #2 - Economic Buyer Work Experience 20 years in Finance, 5 years in Management Psychographics (how they think) Prototype - John Snow, CFO, Acme Software Education MBA in Finance, Chartered Accountant (CA) Decision Making Methodical, analytical and always based on a solid ROI analysis Likes & Dislikes Likes when managers present a professional business case in financial terms Behavioral (what they do) Media Consumption Reads Wall Street Journal daily, has subscription to The Economist Habits & Skills Excellent management accounting skills for making good business decisions Research Methods Talks to other CFOs about vendors and best practices, reads Analyst reports Environment (where they operate) Technology Landscape Very proficient in Excel but spends most time in Financial Reporting system Buying Power Can authorize purchases up to $20,000 before requiring approval from CEO Purchasing Process Business case submitted, ROI analysis, negotiation with vendors, PO, Invoice
  3. 3. Demographics (who they are) Age 36 Income $75,000 per year Customer Profile #3 - Technical Buyer Work Experience 10 years in Information Technology Psychographics (how they think)Prototype - Paul Goldstein, I/T Director, Acme Software Education University Degree in Computer Science Decision Making Doesnt like to make decisions quickly Likes & Dislikes Dislikes end users who violate security policies Behavioral (what they do) Media Consumption Online forums with techies, virtual conferences, technology analyst reports Habits & Skills Very organized and tech savvy, not the best communicator Research Methods Posts questions on forums, reads whitepapers, contacts reference clients Environment (where they operate) Technology Landscape Runs the datacenter and network for the business Buying Power Can authorize purchases up to $5,000 before requiring approval from CFO Identifies trends, researches solutions, requirements, vendors demos, Purchasing Process contracts
  4. 4. Customer Profile Template Demographic (who they are) Psychographic (how they think) Behavioural (what they do) Environment (where they are) B2B B2C B2B B2C B2B B2C B2B B2CAnnual Revenue Age Resistance to Change Brand Preferences Website Visits Purchase History Technology Country of Residence# Employees Income Market Focused Price Sensitivity Response to Marketing Where they shop Purchasing Power Political ClimateIndustry Marital Status Open-Minded/Rigid Conservative/Liberal Purchasing Methods Store preferences Management Style Currency# Locations Education Decision Process Enviro-Friendly Memberships Memberships Purchasing Process Payment MethodsYears in Business Family Size Early Adopter Hobbies Internet Usage Internet Usage Purchasing Power Shipping & ReceivingMarkets Served Gender Growth vs. Static Lifestyle Collateral Consumed Impulsiveness Business Culture Languages SpokenProducts/Service Geographic Location Tech Sophistication Information Sources Media ConsumptionJob Title Social Circles Professionalism Service Preference Habits & SkillsLevel of Experience Occupation Require Referrals Buy based on trends Research Methods Awareness of options Spontaneous Risk Aversion Influenced by peers Loyalty Relationships Likes & Dislikes