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Customer Engagement Map


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Use our Customer Engagement Map to follow the buyer’s journey from problem identification to brand advocacy and which technologies work best at each stage of the journey. This map was designed to help you understand the flow of the customer's experience with a vendor.

Follow the insights compiled after the initial visual map in order to implement technologies and strategies for Customer Engagement into your business.

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Customer Engagement Map

  1. 1. Bay of Content Legend Problem Identification Research Personalization Platforms Sea of Lead Generation Land of Strategic Planning Technology Evaluation Personalization Platforms VOC & Chat Social Media & Online Communities Validation Isles of Sales Enablement Kingdom of Customer Success Personalization Platforms Social Media & Online Communities Product/Service Acquisition Strait of Vendor Selection eCommerce Sites Product/Service Implementation Relationship Building Gamification Online Communities Feedback, Surveys & VOC Benefit Assessment Account Expansion Advocacy & Loyalty Platforms Advocacy & Loyalty Platforms Advocacy & Loyalty Advocacy & Loyalty Platforms Island of Virtual Events Archipelago of Emails Sea of Obstacles Forest of Feedback Marketing Sales Customer Success
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