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CRM Program Maturity Model


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Our CRM Program Maturity Model was designed to help organizations by providing a road-map for improving their CRM program capabilities.

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CRM Program Maturity Model

  1. 1. STAGE 1 - Undefined STAGE 2 - Progressive STAGE 3 - Mature STAGE 4 - World-Class No CRM System Reps Manage Opportunity Funnel in Excel or Not at All Lead Sources Are Unknown Sales Process Is Not Defined Success Metrics Are Unknown and Not Tracked Opportunity Win Rate Is Less than 10% Contact Database Used Reps Manage Opportunity Funnel in Contact Database but Reporting is Inaccurate Some Lead Sources Known Sales Process Defined but Not Mapped to Buying Process Success Metrics for Top Performing Reps Are Known Opportunity Win Rate Is 10-15% CRM System in Place Reps Manage Opportunity Funnel in CRM System Lead Sources at Mostly Known Sales Process Is Mapped to Buying Process and Opportunity Funnel in CRM Success Metrics Tracked Opportunity Win Rate Is 15%+ CRM System Integrated with Other Business Applications Opportunity Funnel is Accurate, Ability to Forecast Lead Source Tied to Sales to Determine Campaign ROI Sales Process is Repeatable and Measurable Success Metrics Are Managed Closely to Get Reps Performing Opportunity Win Rate is 20%+ CRM PROGRAM Maturity Model V I E W R E S O U R C E Want to rate your organization’s CRM maturity with an interactive tool? Download our CRM Maturity Assessment and get started today!