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CRM Consulting Partners Revealed


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CRM Consulting Partners Revealed

  1. 1. Executive SummaryCRM Consulting Partners RevealedMany mid-sized organizations are in the process of implementing a CRM system, butfew have a really solid understanding of how to best approach the project. Use thisresearch note to understand the benefits that CRM consultants can deliver.Additionally, use our CRM Consulting Services RFP Template to compare vendors in asystematic, business-requirement-driven, fashion.CRM Consulting Services Benefits:Better Organizational Alignment - consultants are great at focusing the attentionof senior executives who can otherwise be difficult to engage. Consider purchasing aBusiness Process Review Workshop professional service to quickly buildorganizational alignment on the role & risks of CRM.In-depth Expertise - Not only do consultants know the vendors very well, theyhave loads of experience with developing and refining business processes, which arethe foundation of a successful CRM implementation.Additional Resources - some organizations are so strapped for time, they need anextra pair of hands for the heavy lifting of the CRM project. Help with datamanipulation, cleansing, and migration, are key areas of benefit.Key Hosted CRM Consulting Firms:Visit Salesforce.coms Consulting Partners page for a long list of CRM consultants.ELEVATE - this firm has a very in-depth knowledge of and otherhosted CRM platforms. Their expertise in sales, marketing, and CRM have madethem a great partner for many clients in the USA, UK, & Canada.Astadia - following the merger of MW Advisors and GrowthCircle, Astadia hasbecome a powerhouse in the CRM world. Put them on your short-list.Blue Wolf Group - this vendor has consistently met client expectations and can betrusted to provide a quality CRM implementation.Bottom-Line:CRM systems are notorious for failure. Strongly consider partnering with a firm thathas experience with hosted CRM systems. Use our CRM Consulting Services RFPTemplate to expedite the evaluation, negotiation, and implementation of yoursystem. © 2009 Demand Metric Research Corporation