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Creative Strategy Survey Tool


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Creative Strategy Survey Tool

  1. 1. Creative Strategy Survey ToolOn a scale of 1-5, select the description that best represents your brand & positioning. Brand Archetype Dichotomies Archetypes Score Notes/Comments 1 Masculine 2 Slightly Masculine 3 Neutral 2 Please Elaborate Here 4 Slightly Feminine 5 Feminine 1 Quiet 2 Moderately Quiet 3 Neutral 5 Please Elaborate Here 4 Moderately Loud 5 Loud 1 Serious 2 Moderately Serious 3 Neutral 4 4 Moderately Fun 5 Fun 1 Light 2 Moderately Light 3 Neutral 1
  2. 2. 14 Moderately Dark5 Dark1 Unsure2 Moderately Unsure3 Neutral 44 Moderately Confident5 Confident1 Young2 Moderately Young3 Neutral 24 Moderately Old5 Old1 Creative2 Moderately Creative3 Neutral 24 Moderately Staid5 Staid1 Spontaneous2 Moderately Spontaneous3 Neutral 14 Moderately Strategic5 Strategic1 Stingy2 Moderately Stingy 1
  3. 3. 3 Neutral 14 Moderately Generous5 Generous1 Boring2 Moderately Boring3 Neutral 24 Moderately Exciting5 Exciting1 Proactive2 Moderately Proactive3 Neutral 24 Moderately Reactive5 Reactive1 Customer Focused2 Moderately Customer Focused3 Neutral 14 Moderately Process Focused5 Process Focused1 Short Term Profit2 Moderate Short Term Profit3 Neutral 34 Moderate Long Term Loyalty5 Long Term Loyalty1 Speed 2
  4. 4. 2 Moderate Speed3 Neutral 24 Moderate Quality5 Quality1 Relationship2 Moderate Relationship3 Neutral 14 Moderate Transaction5 Transaction1 Consistency2 Moderate Consistency3 Neutral 14 Moderate Novelty5 Novelty1 Convenience2 Moderate Convenience3 Neutral 14 Moderate Resonating5 Resonating1 Completing the Project2 Almost Completing the Project3 Neutral 44 Almost Solving the Project5 Solving the Problem
  5. 5. 1 Meeting Need2 Almost Meeting Need3 Neutral 44 Almost Creating Need5 Creating Need
  6. 6. Creative Strategy Survey ToolIdentity & BrandingQuestions AnswersWill we be updating the identity or building on an existing standard? Yes Please Enter Additional Information if RequiredIs there an existing hierarchy that your division/group relates to? Existing Please Explain HierarchyIs there an existing color palette or scheme that we should use? Yes Explain & Provide Pantone Matching System (PMS) color specification, if possibleWhat will your current identity appear on? Examples:- Business Cards, Website, Exterior Provide List HereSignage, Way-finding, PowerPoint presentations,
  7. 7. Creative Strategy Survey ToolCommunicationsQuestions AnswersHow many individuals in your organization have business cards? 20% Write Additional Notes if NecessaryHow frequently do you order business cards? Weekly Write Additional Notes if NecessaryHow much letterhead and other business/admin documents do you use Other Write Additional Notes if Necessaryannually? Write Additional Notes if Necessary and Include the Types of Premiums (Pens, DeskDo you hand-out premiums as part of your client communications? Yes Accessories, etc.)How many presentation events (trade shows fairs, etc) do you attend annually? 10 to 25 Write Additional Notes if Necessary
  8. 8. Creative Strategy Survey ToolAbout YouQuestions AnswersWhat is the specific goal for this project? List Goals HereKey Words: Indicate a few adjectives that relate to your organization Indicate Adjectives HereWhat is unique and superior about your products/services? Write Unique & Superior Traits HereWhat is your greatest selling product or service? What is the least? Write Product or Service Name HereWhat is your largest grossing product or service? What is the least? Write Largest & Least Grossing Product(s) or Service(s) Name(s) HereWhat do your clients know you for? Indicate what you are known for HereWhat do you want your clients to know you for? Indicate what you want your Clients to know you for Here