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Business Strategy Plan


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Business Strategy Plan

  1. 1. Business Strategy Plan TemplatePurposeThe purpose of this tool is to help you develop a business strategy plan. The BusinessStrategy Plan template was designed to summarize key analyses suggested in our report:Generating Business Strategy Plans. If you haven’t read this report, strongly consider doingso, as it provides step-by-step instructions and links to many more tools that can help youthrough the strategic planning process.How to Use this TemplateComplete the following sections with your project team and/or stakeholders. Cut & paste thisinformation into a document that reflects your corporate image, and deliver your BusinessStrategy Plan to your key stakeholders. There are links to many other tools and templates tohelp you completed each section of the plan.Title Page [Insert Company Name or Logo] Business Strategy Plan [Insert Completion Date]
  2. 2. Table of Contents Page1. Executive Summary 3 1.1 What are the strategic objectives & key programs for 2008?2. Internal Analysis 3 2.1 Core Competencies Benchmark 2.2 Corporate Capabilities & Constraints 2.3 Employee Satisfaction Survey Results3. External Analysis 4 3.1 Customer Profiles & Market Segments 3.2 Competitive Analysis 3.3 Product/Service Positioning 3.4 Market Conditions & Key Opportunities4. Strategic Objectives & Key Performance Indicators 5 4.1 High-Level Business Objectives 4.2 Key Performance Indicators 4.3 GAP Analysis Results 4.4 Key Success Factors5. Goals, Measures, Targets, & Initiatives 6 5.1 Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map 5.2 Brand Scorecard 5.3 Prioritized List of Programs & Projects 5.4 Program Deployment Schedule
  3. 3. 1. Executive Summary1.1 What are the Strategic Objectives and Key Programs for 2008?Provide a brief description strategic objectives and key programs that your organization willbe implementing over the next 12-18 months.2. Internal Analysis2.1 Core Competencies BenchmarkInsert Core Competencies Assessment results and outline areas for improvement.2.2 Corporate Capabilities & ConstraintsCompile & Insert SWOT Analysis results from each department.2.3 Employee Satisfaction Survey ResultsInsert Employee Satisfaction Survey results to demonstrate high staff morale.3. External Analysis3.1 Customer Profiles & Market SegmentsInsert Customer Profiles results to illustrate profitable customers & market segments.3.2 Competitive AnalysisInsert Competitive Analysis results to document competitive advantages.3.3 Product/Service PositioningInsert Product Positioning Tool results to document current positioning in market.3.4 Market Conditions & Key OpportunitiesInsert STEP Industry Analysis results to highlight market opportunities, threats, conditions, andtrends.
  4. 4. 4. Strategic Objectives & Key Performance Indicators4.1 High-Level Business ObjectivesUse our Business Objectives Matrix if you need help with ideas. 2008 Business Objectives (examples) 1. Cut operating costs by 25% by end of Q2 2008. 2. Increase New Business Revenue by 15% over last year by end of fiscal year. 3. Revitalize Brand and deploy New Website by end of Q3 2008. 4. Improve Key Performance Indicators in each department by end of 2008. 5. Implement Dashboard to Provide Visibility by end of Q3 2008.4.2 Key Performance IndicatorsInsert Key Performance Indicators for measuring performance in each department.4.3 GAP Analysis ResultsInsert your GAP Analysis to provide a roadmap for improving core competencies.4.4 Key Success FactorsInsert your Key Success Factors to highlight risks that need to be mitigated.5. Goals, Measures, Targets, & Initiatives5.1 Balanced Scorecard Strategy MapInsert your Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map to document objectives, measures, targets, &initiatives for Financial, Customer, Learning & Growth, and Business Process.5.2 Brand ScorecardInsert your Brand Scorecard containing brand objectives, targets, & measures.
  5. 5. 5.3 Prioritized List of Programs & ProjectsInsert your Priority Index containing all programs & projects. Be sure to organize this list ofprograms & project by department.5.4 Program Deployment ScheduleFollowing is a sample project schedule that you can customize further: Program Name (examples) Timeframe 1. Implement CRM System Q1 2008 – Q3 2008 2. New Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Q2 2008 – Q4 2008 3. Redesign Corporate Website Q1 2008 – Q3 2008 4. Update Policies & Procedures Q1 2008 5. Introduce Products to EMEA Marketplace Q2 2008