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Build An RFP For Web Design Services


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Build An RFP For Web Design Services

  1. 1. How-To Guide© 2013 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Build an RFP for Web Design ServicesExecutive SummaryMany mid-sized organizations are in the process of redesigning their website, but few havethe required capabilities to design their website internally. Use this research note tounderstand the benefits that web design consultants can deliver. Additionally, use DemandMetrics downloadable Website Design RFP Template to compare vendors systematicallybased on pre-determined requirements.Website Design Consulting Benefits Better Organizational Alignment - consultants are great at focusing the attention ofsenior executives who can otherwise be difficult to engage. Consider purchasing aBusiness Requirements Workshop professional service to build organizationalalignment on the role & risks of web programs. In-depth Expertise - not only do consultants know the vendors very well, they haveloads of experience with developing and refining business requirements, which arethe foundation of a successful website redesign. Additional Resources - many organizations need additional help to complete awebsite redesign project. Help with defining business and technical requirements,back-end systems integration, search engine optimization, content managementsystem training and maintenance are key areas where your partner consulting firmcan add value and business benefit.
  2. 2. How-To Guide© 2013 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Action Plan:1. Define Business Requirements Engage your website program team and gather Web Requirements bydepartment. Use our Web Requirements Priority Index to logically prioritizeeach requirement based on Strategic Fit, Economic Impact, and Feasibility.2. Determine Success Measures Build a Web Marketing Scorecard, define Web Metrics Reporting, anddevelop a Website Governance Document, to identify how success of yourwebsite project will be measured.3. Conduct a Competitive Analysis Use our Competitive Website Analysis Tool to benchmark your websitebefore and after your redesign to demonstrate a measurable improvement inrelation to your top 2 competitors.4. Find a Consulting Partner Use our Website Design RFP Template to present your requirements to themarket. Partner with the firm that can meet your key selection criteria,provides a real service-level agreement, and has at least 10 solid references inyour industry.