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Benchmarking Your Core Competencies


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Benchmarking Your Core Competencies

  1. 1. Executive SummaryBenchmarking your Core CompetenciesAll organizations claim to have "core competencies" but few actually benchmark theircapabilities to track and measure improvements over time. Take the time to evaluateyour business from a high-level, and commit to continuous improvement. UseDemand Metrics Core Competencies Assessment to set a baseline for yourorganization, and work to improve your score before your next self-assessment.What are the Core Competency Areas? • Strategic Planning & Governance - are Goals, Objectives, Measures, & Initiatives tracked and measured? • Customer Relationship Management - are you customer-centric? • Demand Generation - are you satisfied with the flow of qualified leads? • Performance Measurement - are Key Performance Indicators in place? • Market Intelligence & Research - do you have accurate market data? • Product Management - are you satisfied with your time-to-market? • Sales - are sales what they should be give the state of the organization? • Organizational Development - are your training programs up-to-date? • Human Resources - do you have the skill-sets you need for new projects? • Systems & Technology - are your systems scalable enough for the future?Action Plan:Benchmark Competencies - use Demand Metrics Core Competencies AssessmentTool to measure your effectiveness across the preceding 9 areas of organizationalcapability. The assessment takes about 5 minutes. Evaluate your strengths andweaknesses and work to improve your score.Re-assess in 6 Months - take the assessment again to demonstrate a measurableimprovement to your organizations core competencies. Present the improvements toyour senior management team and discuss results. © 2009 Demand Metric Research Corporation