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When it comes to small and local businesses referrals can play a big part in a businesses success. This can be especially true for a personal service like physical therapy. Referrals come from a number of different sources. Doctors, friends, past patients. These referrals help your business grow and succeed. It is important that you know how to get the referrals that will make you successful. This presentation will shed some light on that.

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Phsysical Therpy Referrals

  1. 1. Physical Therapy ReferralsGetting The Ones That CountBrought to you by the marketing experts at
  2. 2. As a physical therapist the overall success of your company highly depends upon theamount of physical therapy referrals you get for new clients as well as the number of repeat clients that you have visiting yourclinic. In order to have a continuous flow of referrals coming to your business,
  3. 3. you’ll want to use a variety of techniques inorder to ensure that you are able to target the right audience that will have a reason to use your services. To get the referrals you need you’ll want to do the necessary research and groundwork, be consistent, and become an active member in the medical community.
  4. 4. Research Local Doctors To Work With• To begin, the first step to getting physical therapy referrals is to do some research on local physicians and doctors within the area.• If possible you’ll also want to determine how many patients visit the medical clinic.• It’s a good idea to draft up and send out questionnaires to doctors that would be able to refer patients to use your physical therapy services.
  5. 5. • The questionnaire could include questions related to their expectations, any feedback, what types of patients are regularly seen at the office, and so on.• Once the questionnaires are returned you’ll want to sit down and take note of the feedback that you are given and be sure to tailor your services to fit the wants and request of the referring doctors.• With this it’s important that you create a referral tracker so you know who is referring new patients to your office and who has slowed down on the referrals.
  6. 6. Become An Active Local Chamber Of Commerce Member• In all cities, the local chamber of commerce isavailable for businesses of all types to promotetheir services and/or products within the area.• As a physical therapy business owner youcould decide to talk with the chief of thechamber and offer up services such as eventparticipation and article contributions.
  7. 7. • You could even offer helpful events for local members and neighbors to attend.• Be creative with it! Work with the chief to schedule a seminar centered on lower back pain, knee joint pain, or one based on the idea of how physical therapy can be used to treat and heal a variety of ailments.• With help of the chamber your seminars will be locally advertised in hopes of attracting a large number of attendees.• At these seminars you could collect names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of those who may be interested in your services.• If any local doctors are present, be sure to ask them about physical therapy referrals.
  8. 8. Be Consistent• Consistency is key no matter how you decide to go about bringing in physical therapy referrals.• If you decide to speak with local doctors directly, you’ll want to ensure that contact is consistently made on at least a monthly basis, sometimes weekly is most ideal.• Starting a relationship with a local physician is one step of the process but maintaining and building upon the relationship is an entirely different step.
  9. 9. • You’ll also want to make sure you have an efficient way to track the referrals you are receiving, especially if you are working with a variety of doctors.• You’ll want to know what patients are coming from which doctor.• As a physical therapist it’s also important that you keep in touch with your patients through emails or newsletters.• Give patients a reason to continue to use your services. This can only be done if patients have a relationship with your office.
  10. 10. In the event that you decide to become a member at your local chamber of commerce,you’ll want to become and stay active within the community. This means that hosting seminars should be done at least once a month; it is important that you don’t host one seminar and then wait a year to do it again. Be consistent. Ifyou want to take an active role in the community your activity should be consistent and should always be something different. Stick to having seminars but be sure to brief on a variety of topics that are related to the physical therapy field.
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