Marketing your Personal Training Business Online


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Trying to build your client base or get your personal training business off the ground? Take a look at this presentation and get some ideas as to how you can succeed as a personal trainer. Market locally, and use current clients to help spread the word about your personal training business.

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Marketing your Personal Training Business Online

  1. 1. Marketing your PersonalTraining Business Online Brought to you by the marketing experts at
  2. 2. With the right Personal Training Online Marketing strategies, you can bring in new customers while youre on vacation, enjoying anice dinner, or even while youre asleep. You can set everything up to run on auto-pilot, workingfor you 24/7 while you do whatever it is that you want to. You dont need to be a computer whiz or a marketing guru to succeed – you just need to be willing to do whatever it takes to learn how to market a personal training business and grow it quickly.
  3. 3. The average personal trainer only makes around $29,000 a year, while other personal trainers who apply personal training online marketing strategies can have six figure incomes and only need to work part-time.
  4. 4. Create a Website for your Business• Multitudes of people, numbering in the millions, are using the Internet to search for and compare personal services.• Using a website is a great way to market your services and provide potential customers with information about your company.• It is important that your site looks up-to-date and professional, you should incorporate graphics that are relevant and take the time to make sure it is free of spelling and grammar errors.• Ease of navigation, readability, and a comfortable, organized look are qualities that will attract potential customers.• Be sure to place information about your areas of expertise, qualifications, experience, and other relevant information on your site.
  5. 5. Find your Niche• You will need to identify your areas of specialty and work on promoting them.• This is one aspect you will need to think through carefully, so your personal training online marketing campaign will attract the right customers.• An effective marketing campaign consists of listing specifically what you do and how you can help.• For example, if you are a personal trainer specializing in aerobics and weight-lifting, then that is the message you will want to send out in your personal training online marketing campaigns.
  6. 6. Online Marketing: Email Lists• You will need to develop a customer email database by placing an opt-in or sign-up form on your site.• This will allow potential customers to leave their email addresses, and theyll be more likely to do that when you provide them with something of value in return.• You may offer them freebies such as fitness reports and reports on the best methods for increasing muscle and burning fat.• They make great gifts and will elicit a desirable response from potential clients.• You may also acquire email lists from list sellers, which can be used in conducting targeted personal training online marketing campaigns.• When you send out a well-written sales letter, be sure to include something of value, such as a weekly newsletter, for instance, to elicit a desirable customer response. The response could be agreeing to schedule training sessions with you.
  7. 7. Online Marketing: Content Marketing• Another way to accomplish your personal training online marketing goals is to have a number of articles written about fitness-related topics and distributed throughout the Internet and to popular article directories.• This campaign will also support your website and the creation of email lists.• Quite a number of people may read these articles, and might be interested enough to actually visit your site and sign up for your newsletter.• This will help increase your sites popularity, and your search engine ranking, making it easier for potential customers to find you and the your services as a personal trainer.
  8. 8. Promotion• For small businesses, traditional marketing campaigns that include brochures, radio, TV, newspaper and magazine advertising can be too costly.• Here are some avenues to consider integrating into your physical therapy marketing plan for creating awareness of your services and generating interest: – A couple strategically placed print ads and brochures reaching a target audience can be more effective than a general media sweep. Seek out venues that promote healthy and physical lifestyles such recreation centers, gyms, and health food stores. – Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are free networking tools that can reach infinite potential customers in real time, which gives you the advantage of creating and maintaining relevancy for your practice. – An Internet presence is an essential marketing tool for a physical therapy practice. Promoting your services through a website, newsletters and blogs will make your practice more visible to the many customers who look to the Internet for information.
  9. 9. Internet Advertising• These days, an attractive package of audience-specific ads can be spread all over the Internet.• Ideal avenues are popular sites like, (through its Ad-Sense program), and and ads placed in magazine websites.• Internet ads play a key role; they are cost-effective and can be tailored for a wide or narrow audience as needed.• If you are operating on a low budget, in the meantime, you may opt to target websites that are at their peak such as YouTube, Squidoo, Zorpia, and other social networking sites due to their growing popularity. They are also great ways to increase the word-of-mouth factor.
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