Marketing your House Cleaning Business


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Affordable and easy marketing tips that you can follow to market and grow your cleaning business whether you clean houses or offices, these tips will allow you to grow your customer base. These tips can help any small business grow locally.

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Marketing your House Cleaning Business

  1. 1. Marketing your House Cleaning Business<br />Brought to you by the marketing experts at <br /><br />
  2. 2. Word-of-Mouth Advertising<br />Many businesses live or die by word-of-mouth advertising. This is truer in the house cleaning business than in some other industries. This is because when someone hires you to clean their house, they are allowing you direct access to their house and many people are hesitant to hire a house cleaner simply because they do not want someone unfamiliar in their house.<br />Presenting a professional image, doing a solid job and encouraging these word-of-mouth referrals can take your business far.<br />
  3. 3. Free Advertising<br />Taking advantage of free advertising means using social media to your advantage.<br />Encourage current customers to post a review of your business on a site like yelp.<br />Start a Facebook page and encourage customers to “like” you so they can take advantage of any special deals you offer, or to find out about deals with specialty companies (such as the chimney sweep) that you have partnered with. <br />
  4. 4. Advertising<br />There are some businesses that can survive and even thrive without ever paying for a lick of advertising. The house cleaning business is no exception; however, you will grow your business faster if you invest in some advertising.<br />Some ways to save money on advertising for your house cleaning business include advertising in smaller community or neighborhood papers that will market directly to the people you want to pick up as customers (ie. those who live in your target area). <br />For most house cleaning businesses, except for those that are somewhat large, it probably doesn’t make sense to advertise in the metro newspaper or on the radio.<br />You can target your advertising to the smaller shopper papers or by leaving a hanger on someone’s door or a postcard on their car in a parking lot.<br />
  5. 5. Offer Giveaways<br />Tap into a market that’s relevant to what you do. For example, working moms or single dads or college students might be your market. Offer giveaways to that group of people.<br />For example, you might offer a package of items for a silent auction at a school. Your package of items might include some cleaning cloths and a few cleaning items as well as a month of your cleaning service.<br />You do have to give away your services, but the end goal is you can drum up new business for yourself.<br />If someone has won your prize package and is pleased with the service you provide, you might win yourself a new customer, who might also offer that beneficial word of mouth advertising for you, too.<br />
  6. 6. Keep Up with the Times<br />These days, people want their homes clean but they don’t want all the chemicals that are traditionally used to clean homes. If your house cleaning business offers “green” cleaning methods and treatments, you might likely gain more customers than if you stick to traditional (chemically-based) cleaning methods. <br />To make your house cleaning business more accessible to those who think “green” means “expensive”, you can advertise affordable green cleaning services and focus on how green cleaning methods are beneficial but no more expensive or complicated than traditional cleaning methods.<br />
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