Jobs for dog lovers


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If you are looking for a new career and love dogs these are great ways to be able to work with dogs every day. Each option is explained and the pros and cons are mentioned.

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Jobs for dog lovers

  1. 1. Jobs for Dog Lovers<br />Brought to you by the business experts at <br /><br />
  2. 2. Dog Breeder<br />Being a dog breeder entails a lot more than just allowing purebreds to mate and then selling the puppies. In order to become successful at these jobs with dogs, you must:<br />Duties:<br />Maintain the breed standards<br />Keep your dogs happy and healthy<br />Network with more experienced breeders and learn from them <br />Invest a lot of time and money<br /> <br />Disadvantages:<br />Can take a heavy financial and emotional toll<br />Profits may not be realized for several generations<br />
  3. 3. Doggie Day Care Worker/Kennel Attendant<br />You may want to consider these jobs with dogs if you don’t mind cleaning up after dogs, as well as playing with them. Day care centers for dogs and boarding kennels may sometimes operate under the same roof. <br />Duties:<br />Doggie day care worker - supervise playtime for the dogs<br />Kennel attendants - care for dogs staying for days to weeks <br /> <br />Advantages:<br />Previous experience not required<br />Training is provided on the job<br />With enough experience, you can become a manager or a business owner<br />Cross-training as a vet assistant in kennels<br /> <br />Disadvantages:<br />At entry level, hard work and low pay<br />
  4. 4. Dog Groomer<br />In the canine world, these jobs with dogs can be likened to those of cosmetologists. You can learn the basics of grooming by working as an assistant for a professional. To learn advanced techniques and styles, you can study at a dog grooming school and receive certification and membership with the National Dog Groomers Association.<br /> <br />Duties:<br />Style dogs for dog shows, photographs, and everyday comfort<br /> <br />Disadvantages:<br />Training is required<br />Dirty and smelly dogs, which may have parasites<br />
  5. 5. Animal Behaviorist<br />These jobs with dogs involve working with pets and owners to remove unwanted behaviors with the use of programs. There are 2 types of Animal Behaviorists:<br />Applied Animal Behaviorist – a dog psychologist. Requirements: postgraduate programs in a behavioral science<br />Veterinary Behaviorist – a dog psychiatrist who may prescribe medications. Requirements: must be a licensed veterinarian who has completed internships, residencies, and passed all requirements to become a board-certified specialist<br /> <br />Disadvantages:<br />Dog owners who do not implement programs consistently<br />Getting the education necessary to qualify for the position<br />
  6. 6. Dog Trainer<br />In order to become a dog trainer, you will need to have an understanding of how dogs think, the ability to teach, and a lot of patience. It is best to start as an assistant to a trainer experienced in these jobs with dogs.<br /> <br />Duties:<br />Teach dogs basic and advanced commands<br />Help dog owners teach commands to their dogs<br />Work with future service and working dogs<br />Train dogs to perform for films and T.V.<br /> <br />Advantages:<br />Certification is optional for these jobs with dogs<br />Disadvantages:<br />Owners who are not consistent with training program, or encourage bad behavior<br />
  7. 7. Veterinary Medical Services<br />In the field of veterinary medicine, you will work to maintain dog wellness and care for sick pets.<br />Veterinarian – a dog physician; they may specialize in a wide range of disciplines such as pharmacology, dentistry, and general animal care. Requirements: 4 years of college and 4 years of vet school.<br />Veterinary Technician – a credentialed vet nurse. Requirements: complete a 2-4 year vet tech program.<br />
  8. 8. Veterinary Assistant – has similar duties to a vet tech, but is not licensed and has no credentials. Depending on state law, they may not be able to perform some advanced nursing duties.<br />Disadvantages:<br />Animals are unable to communicate their problems, which makes accurate diagnosis difficult<br />Burnout from stress<br />
  9. 9. Community/ Public Services<br />There are many jobs with dogs that will empower you to serve the public and your community:<br />Search and Rescue – you will be partnered with a dog that has been trained to find missing people<br />Police force – if you are a qualified officer, you will be partnered with a working dog<br />Pet therapy – you and your dog visit hospitals, nursing homes, and schools to uplift others<br />
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