Differentiate Your Carpet Cleaning


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In today's world of high competition it is important to differentiate yourself and stand out so that customers come to you first. This is essential in growing your carpet cleaning business. You can become the top carpet cleaning business in your town if you follow the information provided in this presentation. Even if you don't own a carpet cleaning business these can be helpful tips for any small or local business.

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Differentiate Your Carpet Cleaning

  1. 1. Differentiate your Carpet Cleaning Business Brought to you by the marketing experts at www.demandmart.com
  2. 2. Getting your carpet cleaning business noticed is one of the biggest challenges in the business. Growing your customer base and retaining customers while others are in your space jockeying for clients with bigger better deals makes the task more daunting than ever.
  3. 3. The good news is dirt doesn’t disappear by itself, and many happily pay to have itprofessionally removed over and over again. A carpet cleaning marketing strategy that differentiates your services will make your business profitable.
  4. 4. Focus your Message on Customer Benefits• Focus your marketing message on the benefits your features bring to customer’s lives.• For instance: – creating a healthy home – Creating a beautiful home that is the envy of the neighborhood• Back up those statements with ways in which your products and services make this happen.• While your competition is listing services and pricing, you are differentiating your carpet cleaning business by motivating customers to act for their own benefit.
  5. 5. Create a Unique Selling Proposition• A unique selling proposition (USP) is a selling phrase that defines your niche in the marketplace and drives your interaction with customers and delivery of your products and services.• You don’t necessarily have to develop a new service or product to complement a USP.• You probably already have some things that you do well and that seems undervalued or ignored by your competition.• So figure out what it is that makes your carpet cleaning business better than the others, and let then let the market know!
  6. 6. • For instance: – “Your Carpets Cleaned to Your Satisfaction, Not Ours...Guaranteed.”• A catchy and meaningful USP combined with business practices that consistently delivers the promise will build brand recognition and customer loyalty.
  7. 7. Give Free Information• These days it is not enough to simply offer products and services and list contact information in Yellowpages – although directory listings do have their benefits.• Consumers want and rely on information that will guide them in their purchasing decisions, and the first place they turn to is the Internet.• You can do the following things to provide information: – Create a website that not only describes your products and services, but offers interesting articles and opinions on anything related to the carpet cleaning business. – Publishing blogs – Send newsletters – Participate in discussion forums
  8. 8. • If you specialize in pet odor removal, then blog or write news letters touting the benefits of owning a pet.• If you offer specialty fabric cleaning, share your knowledge and enthusiasm by discussing applications of specialty fabrics and upholstering.• By inserting yourself into the conversation you can provide useful knowledge to potential customers that will appreciate your expertise and give you their business.
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