Daily Marketing Routine for a Successful Cleaning Business


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As a small business owner it is easy to get caught up in the every day tasks of running a business and forget about marketing your business to make sure you are going to continue to have customers. It is a great idea to have a daily marketing routine. This will get in the practice of doing the same things everyday to help your business grow. Once something becomes routine, it is much harder to forget about it. Help make your business become more successful and grow by following these simple suggestions.

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Daily Marketing Routine for a Successful Cleaning Business

  1. 1. Daily Marketing Routine for aSuccessful Cleaning Business Brought to you by the marketing experts at www.demandmart.com
  2. 2. Everyone has a daily routine no matter what typeof job they have. However, as a cleaning businessowner, you want to have a solid daily marketingroutine that will allow your business to continueto experience increasing amounts of success.While you never have to follow your routine to aT, having a set list of daily must-dos is an easy andefficient way of ensuring that your marketingprograms stay focused and are able to bring innew business cleaning leads. Without new clientsyour cleaning business won’t stay afloat for long.
  3. 3. Below are some “to-dos” to consider addingto your daily marketing routine. Rememberthat your routine can be tailored and switchedaround to fit your business’ specific needs aswell as your time schedule. In any case, nomatter how it’s done, having a marketingroutine makes for an optimally successfulcleaning business.
  4. 4. Focus on your customers first• Marketing should always involve keeping in close communication with your customers.• One of the first parts of your daily marketing routine should involve checking in with your customers.• This means checking emails, voicemails, blog comments, and any other method that customers may use to contact you.
  5. 5. • If any questions or concerns are posted, be sure to answer them with solid information and facts.• Aside from direct contact from your customers you’ll also want to check your cleaning business’ web presence and social media pages.• This involves any social networking sites that your business may take part in such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and any others.• Again, be sure to respond to any questions or problems that customers and possible clients ask.
  6. 6. Check up on your advertising campaigns.• If you advertise your business online doing daily check-ins is always wise.• Using tools such as Google Analytics and Alexa, look to see how much traffic your advertising is drawing to your company website.• Also consider ROI and other important factors. With numbers in hand tweak your campaigns as necessary.• If you use any type of marketing software, be sure to adjust them if required.
  7. 7. • Remember that your advertising is a big part that drives the success of your cleaning business.• Without proper advertising it will be hard to find new clients.• When dealing with online advertising and promotional campaigns, it’s important to remember that change doesn’t occur overnight.• Give your advertising efforts time to expand and grow. You may notice that for weeks no improvement is seen.• Time can be your enemy but it is your best friend when looking at the success of an advertising campaign.
  8. 8. More customer focus.• After dealing with advertising and customers in general, as a cleaning business you’ll want to focus on providing those customers requesting quotes and other helpful information.• Be sure that these quotes are provided to interested customers ASAP. You want customers to see that your business is efficient and can respond to new leads in a timely fashion.
  9. 9. • When providing quotes your cleaning business should also provide testimonials and pictures of jobs that the company has completed in the past.• If you’re a wide-spectrum cleaning company, show that your business is able to clean a small apartment as well as a large building complex.• The more versatility you show, the higher chance you have of truly impressing a prospective client.
  10. 10. Act on leads• Once you’ve ensured that the company’s advertising and marketing is on track and that your customers are properly taken care of and assisted as required, a last but crucial step in your daily marketing routine is to act on any new leads you may have.• This can involve making phone calls, sending emails, or even visiting a client in person. While you may already have plenty of cleaning leads, it never hurts to add more to your list.
  11. 11. • For success on catching new leads, professionalism, knowledge, and patience are all necessary.• Don’t rush possible customers into using your business. Instead, show them what your cleaning company offers and make it known that you beat out the competition with stellar cleaning services.
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