Carpet Cleaning Network: 6 Tips for Building a Solid Client and Referral Base


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A great way to build your customer base is by using a network. Building your network is key for any business but this is especially true for a service business like Carpet Cleaning. People want a trusted individual when it comes to letting someone into their home to clean their carpets. Getting a referral from a past customer or another local business can really help to build your customer base. In order to get those referrals you need to know how to build your network. Here are 6 great tips on how to accomplish a strong and healthy network for you carpet cleaning business.

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Carpet Cleaning Network: 6 Tips for Building a Solid Client and Referral Base

  1. 1. Carpet Cleaning Network – 6 Tips for Building A Solid Client And Referral Base Brought to you by the marketing experts at
  2. 2. Nowadays, more so than ever before, word- of-mouth campaigns, referrals, and networking have become some of the mosteffective and valuable methods to marketing acarpet cleaning company. However, in order to form, build, uphold, and add to a carpet cleaning network, your company has to have the know-how on how to work with referrals and how to create a business network.
  3. 3. The fact is that even with high quality advertisements and email flyers, yourbusiness will fall short without the right carpetcleaning network that is full of satisfied clients and happy affiliates.
  4. 4. If you look at consumers of today, word of mouth recommendation from highly trustedsources is what everyone is looking for. Word of mouth referrals and recommendations are so common today because everyone, includingconsumers and business owners, are looking to network both online and directly.
  5. 5. Tips for Building a Successful Business Network
  6. 6. Be memorable• Competition is at an all time high and if your business isn’t memorable, you’re going to fall short.• Building a carpet cleaning network requires your business to stand out from the crowd of other carpet cleaning businesses.
  7. 7. • You want prospective customers to remember your business card or online advertisement, not another company’s.• Don’t let your business’ name fall flat.
  8. 8. Be timely and consistent• We all have busy schedules. As a business owner you probably don’t have a lot of free time, but your consumers too have busy schedules.• This means that one and done networking won’t work. Instead find ways to have repeated contact with possible clients and reach out to prospective clients to show that despite a busy schedule, your company still wants to earn their business.
  9. 9. Make networking a priority• Though you may have plenty of other arsenals underneath your advertising and promotion belt, don’t let networking lose importance. Ask businesses that have similar clients to join a network with you.• For example since you are a carpet cleaner ask a maid service to join a network with you. This way you can refer potential clients to one another.
  10. 10. Ask for testimonials• To add to positive word-of-mouth recommendations, ask past and continuous clients to write a testimonial about your business and the carpet cleaning services you provide.• Testimonials can be published in newsletters, brochures, online, on forums, and anywhere else that customers may come across your business.• Word of mouth backed with testimonials is a sure-fire way to impress a prospective consumer.
  11. 11. Show off your affiliations and memberships• When it comes to building a carpet cleaning network, don’t be shy to toot your business’ horn.• If you have worked hard to become a member of a certain group or if you spent months trying to gain recognition from a well-known affiliate business, don’t hesitate to show it off.• Let customers know that you’re part of a small business group.• The more credentials you have, the more creditable you become.
  12. 12. Keep customers and affiliates in the loop• If your business is undergoing a big change, be sure that your affiliates and customers know about it as it occurs.• As a carpet cleaning business you may be expanding your company size or maybe you plan to offer green carpet cleaning services for those customers who are focused on being environmentally friendly.
  13. 13. Help your network partners’ out• A carpet cleaning network will only be successful if all of the businesses in it help each other out.• If all of the businesses in the network refer leads to one another everyone can be successful.
  14. 14. In the end while your advertising campaign may include a variety of other marketing methods, don’t let networking slip under the cracks. Nowadays networking is more important than ever and in the end networking is best for small and local start up businesses.
  15. 15. From a cost stand point, networking requires a fraction of the money needed to runadvertising and online campaigns. So not onlycan you save money, but you’re able to build a carpet cleaning network through referrals, affiliates, and satisfied customers.
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