5 Common Internet Marketing Mistakes


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Marketing your small or local business online is a necessary part of any business's marketing plan now a days. With everyone getting online there are a number of common mistakes that keep happening across the internet. Read through this slide show to find out how you can avoid making 5 common internet marketing mistakes for your business.

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5 Common Internet Marketing Mistakes

  1. 1. 5 Common InternetMarketing MistakesBrought to you by the marketing experts at www.demandmart.com
  2. 2. No business is perfect and mistakes happen; that’s how a business grows, adapts, and getsbetter in time. However, when looking at certain types of marketing such as internet marketing, there seems to be a running trend in certain internet marketing mistakes that companies make.
  3. 3. Internet marketing is the way of the world today and rarely is a business able to thrive and succeed without having some sort of online presence. But, in order to have successful internet marketing programs, it’s ideal for all businesses to not only know of common internet marketing mistakes, but it’s also important to be able to avoid making said mistakes.
  4. 4. Customer Service (or lack there of)• Any company can create a jaw-dropping eye-catching website that attracts crowds upon crowds. However, once these crowds arrive to said website, will they be able to find and consult the customer service they need?• With internet marketing, a lot of companies believe that getting involved isn’t a necessity, which is why customer service has become one of the most common internet marketing mistakes.• No matter how you market, keeping in close communication with customers is a must do.• Businesses have customers and customers will need customer service so that questions, complaints, concerns, and anything in between can be answered in a timely fashion.
  5. 5. • A company that lacks a dependable and personable customer service will only be successful for so long.• A company’s customer service reputation will often linger and once that reputation has been tarnished, it’s extremely hard to fix that reputation, especially in today’s world.• In the end when a company treats it customers with respect and diligence, customers will become repeat buyers and may even help spread word of not only the business’ name but the fact that their customer service is great.• Keep tabs on your business’ online reputation by using websites such as Better Business Bureau and Local Business Reviews.
  6. 6. When Website Traffic Becomes Clutter• A main idea behind internet marketing is getting a steady flow of website traffic to your business’ website.• Higher visibility usually accounts for higher success and a higher chance of a visitor buying your product and/or services.• While focusing on website traffic is never a bad idea, companies often make the mistake in only focusing on how much traffic the website is generating.• Any website can draw in 2 million visitors a day, but what’s important is how many of those 2 million visitors are actually remotely interested in what your company offers.
  7. 7. • Looking at the general idea of website traffic instead of narrowing the window is a huge internet marketing mistake. Companies commonly use websites like Alexa to monitor their traffic flow, but breaking down the flow is most important.• In some cases, website traffic can become mere clutter and can give a company false hope.• A company should focus on website traffic but website traffic should be pinpointed into those who are deemed as the company’s target audience.• For example: – a company selling baby and pregnancy items will want to generate a high flow of traffic from moms, expectant moms, and females in general.• Booming website traffic should only be considered successful when sales are booming as well
  8. 8. Is Your Website a Unique Snowflake?• Cliché or not, being unique throughout your internet marketing methods is a must.• Everyone and their sister’s business owns and runs a website nowadays which means that your company’s website must be different from the rest. – How is your website unlike your competitions’? – Why should a consumer visit your website and buy from your company instead of using another business? – How are you a step above the rest?• Your company should be able to answer all of these questions without much thought or hesitation; sadly most companies cannot.
  9. 9. • Just like moms always say, everyone is unique, and every business needs to be unique in order to catch the eyes of potential customers.• Find ways to make your business stand out. This is especially important if competition is high in your business niche.
  10. 10. Lacking Patience• Patience is a hard thing to come by but it’s a virtue that all of us need, especially business owners.• When it comes to internet marketing mistakes, not having enough patience is both a mistake and a business flaw.• Business owners should note that internet marketing takes time; no business will have millions of visitors to its website overnight.
  11. 11. • Building up a consumer base requires time and patience; but many of us want to see immediate results.• Even using the best of the best internet marketing practices, including SEO, blogging, and others, results can take weeks, even months to see.• The important thing in internet marketing is being patient and being consistent.
  12. 12. Keep Your Enemies Closer• We’ve all surely heard the phrase “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,” and in the business world, while other businesses aren’t exactly your enemies, they are your competition and it’s always important to keep tabs on them.• A big internet marketing mistake that companies make is not keeping an eye on what the competition is doing.• While you may be ahead of the competition for now, know that they too have their eyes on you and are making daily progress in hopes of taking the top spot.• It’s important to take time to observe the internet marketing strategies that your competitors are using and determine the strengths and weaknesses of them. This way your company has a pre-set plan to stay above the rest.
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