How and When to Build a Scalable eCommerce Ecosystem


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1. What are the key thresholds for a merchant before needing to integrate their online store to an ERP system?

2. What kind of value can a systems integration really provide my business?

These are common questions that usually go unanswered for merchants who just don't have the time to research and discover the answers for themselves.

An ERP system is a worthwhile investment for merchants serious about eCommerce and deciding on one can be a confusing and overwhelming process. To make sure you're making the right decision the first time check out this webinar to understand the key pain points merchants experience which indicate it's time to integrate your eCommerce site and truly invest in an ERP system.

Demac Media's Matthew Bertulli and NexTec Group's James Ritterbusch discuss:

- Key Benefits of ERP Systems and Examples
- Top 5 Signs You Need to Integrate
- Benefits of Systems Integration
- Common "Gotchas"
- Real World Examples of Integration Challenges
- What an Integration actually looks like

Avoid tedious manual processes and constrained resources which can hinder future growth. Learn the key metrics to determine your thresholds and as a result will allow you to take your business to the next level.

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  • How and When to Build a Scalable eCommerce Ecosystem

    1. 1. Is your eCommerce Business Ready to Explode? How to get a Scalable Platform in Place Presented by:
    2. 2. Webinar Presenters Matthew Bertulli CEO & Co-Founder Demac Media email: twitter: @mbertulli, @demacmedia web: Jim Ritterbusch Jason Levas General Manager, NY / NJ NexTec Group email: web: Senior Application Consultant NexTec Group email: web:
    3. 3. Agenda • • • • • • • • • • Intro to NexTec Group Key Benefits and Examples of ERP Systems Intro to Demac Media Quick overview of Magento Top 5 signs you need to integrate Key Benefits of Systems Integration Common “Gotchas” Unique Aspects to Integrations - Example What does a typical integration look like? - Example Sample Orders in Magento
    4. 4. Introduction to NexTec Group • NexTec is a Business Solutions Consulting Company – Help companies to improve operational efficiencies through the use of business software systems – Work with multiple ERP and CRM solutions • Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Cleveland, Seattle, New Jersey, Vancouver and Orlando • Full Services Company – Installation – Set-up & Configuration – Data Conversion – Training – Post Go-Live Support • Professional Staff of over 90 full time employees – MBA, CPA, MCSE, MCP – 90% have Accounting, Consulting, or Computer Science Backgrounds • Support Over 600 Customers Nationwide, Across all Industries
    5. 5. Customers & Industries © NexTec Grou Proprietary and Confidential
    6. 6. Key Benefits to ERP Systems • Visibility to Data – Sales – QTD, YTD, LTD, last order, typical order, etc – Margins – is this a profitable order for my company – Manufacturing Process • Discrete – labor, capacity, scheduling, lead time, profit • Process – formulations, lot tracking, rework, yield, QC – Distribution – barcode automation, bins, pick/pack/ship, freight shopping, etc – Quote-to-Order – revisions, margins, back-order, upsell, crosssell, etc • Integrated data / information – Allows for analysis & key metrics measurements – Spend your time improving the quality of your product / business • Reporting – Multi-company / Multi-currency / Multi-legislation
    7. 7. Examples of ERP Systems • Microsoft Dynamics AX – Upper mid-market ERP system – Multi-national distribution organization • Sage ERP X3 – Upper mid-market ERP system – Multi-national manufacturing organization • Microsoft Dynamics GP – Mid-market ERP system – North American financial & distribution • Microsoft Dynamics SL – Nice Product – Services Organizations • Sage 500 – Mid-market ERP – North American financial & distribution company
    8. 8. Intro to Demac Media • Full Service eCommerce Design & Development Company • Magento Gold Solutions Partner More Importantly … we love what we do!
    9. 9. Some Of The Merchants We Work With
    10. 10. eCommerce Platforms • The “Hub” of a great commerce strategy – Do this right and get exponential cost savings and efficiency savings in other applications – Do it wrong … and the opposite happens
    11. 11. Quick Overview of Magento • Largest and fastest growing eCommerce Platform • Open Source, Feature Rich and Flexible • Backed by strong community
    12. 12. When and How to Integrate The first km of eCommerce… When is the right time to implement X system? **Answer depends on the type of eCommerce business you’re building
    13. 13. Top 5 Signs You Need To Integrate When do you need to start thinking about automation? 1. Large Order Volumes a. 0 – 20 / day b. 20 – 100 / day c. 100 – 1,000 / day 2. 3. 4. 5. Multi Channel Selling (inventory turns) Return Requests Frequent Price Changes Received Product
    14. 14. Benefits of Systems Integration • • • • Automating manual processes Avoiding double data entry Avoid human error Reporting* – Accurate data = accurate insights into your business
    15. 15. Common “Gotchas” (why it never happens seamlessly) There are Plug and Play options, but… • Can you get all data points from your eCommerce platform to ERP system? • Should you be pushing all your data? • Which system is the master for which piece of data? – eg. Product, inventory, orders, customers** • Process hand off
    16. 16. Real World Examples of Integration Challenges • Gift Registry • Back-Orders / Special Orders • Multiple Warehouses – Where to send orders? Where does this logic live? • Drop-Shipping Automation • Returns (RMA) Integration
    17. 17. What does a Typical Integration Look Like?
    18. 18. Recap • • • • • • Key Benefits of ERP Systems and Examples Top 5 Signs You Need to Integrate Benefits of Systems Integration Common “Gotchas” Real World Examples of Integration Challenges What an Integration actually looks like
    19. 19. Thank You! 1-888-860-0364 @demacmedia 201-933-0707 @NexTecGroup