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Email marketing is affordable, effective and measurable. This presentation explains how so, as well as myths associated with email marketing, where to get started, executing a plan, reaching customers and creating a call to action.

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  • There are many ways to market your business, drive leads, retain customers, and grow your business. This presentation is going to review one of the most efficient ways to communicate with customers and report on the progress you are making with your communications. What is it? Email Marketing. We will review why email marketing is important, myths about it, how to get started, and how to make it an effective tool in your marketing toolkit.
  • Why email marketing? Three simple word which you want to hear. Affordable, Measureable, and Effective Affordable: Most email marketing service providers offer a Free Trial and then packages start at a low monthly rate of about $10/mth. For example, EasyContact by Deluxe offers a 60 day free trial and then packages start at $9/mth Measureable: Email marketing will provide you immediate feedback on your email campaigns. Based upon over 900 million email messages, here are the open rates to think about: 30% of your total opens occur within two hours of hitting “send”, after 23 hours, you have about 75% of your total opens. Effective: The direct marketing association annual study has consistently proven that $1 invested in email marketing returns between $40-$50. More specifically, $43.62 for each dollar spent in 2009. Your involved customers are interested in what you have to say if you respect them and provide relevant messaging. Your customers like the ability to receive relevant emails and open and review them on THEIR timeline versus yours. Quick Facts Greater than 90% of internet users between 18-72 use email. Not just for the young. 74% of internet users over age 64 use email. Email marketing growing 63% from now to 2013 Customers prefer email communication Maximize Your Marketing ROI   Email marketing is 20 times more cost-effective than a traditional media For only a few pennies, email can drive traffic to your storefront or website
  • Lets dispel some myths about email marketing.
  • We just reviewed various types of emails to send depending upon your goals. Now lets align your strategy with your goals. What is needed to be done to meet your goals? Format: Select a format template from the 100s available with your email service provider. Frequency: Determined depending upon your goals. Don’t oversend! If you have a monthly newsletter, send it monthly. If you have a weekly promotion, send weekly. Content: Upload your images, insert your links, drive traffic to your website, inform, promote, etc. Service Provider: Select a provider. EasyContact by Deluxe is one such provider but there are many others.
  • Have your goals, have your strategy, now lets execute with Three Phases. Here we get into some more detailed information. Create: What is your message? Send: Schedule it Track: Get reporting
  • Customers need to Respect/Recognize/ and Respond to your messages.
  • Shows the subject line and sender info. Newsletter upon opening.
  • Short: Less than 35 characters generated Open Rates 52% higher and click thru rates 69% higher on average WIIFM: Think “Whats IN IT For Me?” Avoid: Kick off spam filters also generally create suspicion among readers. Test: Subject lines, sender, examples. Personalize: Not in subject line. Personalize by the interest you know about this customer set.
  • Need to show local examples. Obscure holidays?
  • On average, your email has two seconds to make an impact. Click Here: Spread the News!, Join Now! Compelling Visible
  • Why? Provides all of the required Opt Out information to keep you compliant with CAN SPAM laws. Provides templates and suggested text and ideas to get you started. Robust and immediate reporting features Customer email address segmentation Linking to your website for more info Professional looking rather than a pdf.
  • Or better yet, people who opted-in to your emails. Permission-based marketing tool.
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