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Project Information Management for Dummies


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Project Information Management for Dummies: This introduction gives you a sneak peek at some of the key insights from our new eBook. You will discover how a Project Information Management (PIM) strategy can benefit AEC businesses through effective email, document, contract and design management.

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Project Information Management for Dummies

  1. 1. Project Information Management An Introduction
  2. 2. What you will learn? What is PIM and how can it help you? 5 benefits of managing your emails efficiently What you need to know about document management Fundamentals to controlling your design deliverables Contract management explained
  3. 3. What is PIM? It is estimated that the amount of information we create is doubling every 72 hours. It must be managed effectively! Project Information Management (PIM) is simply the management of the information on your projects PIM affects communication, control, and contractual processes that take a project from conception to completion It allows you to access information from anywhere! The office, on site or on the move
  4. 4. Why do you need PIM?
  5. 5. PIM Benefits Improve Efficiency • One place to access and share project information • Reduce rekeying of information across documents and spreadsheets • A central repository for everything your business needs means a truly paperless office • Truly integrated working with transparency across all projects and teams • Get the information you need, wherever you are • Seamless working between office and site teams Collaborate More • Monitor project performance in real-time • Keep track of site processes such as RFIs • Futureproofing the business with software that can scale with you as you grow Manage Progress Reduce Risk • Audit trail of all documents and emails • Version control ensures you are always working on the right document or drawing
  6. 6. Deltek PIM - the centre of your business Marketing & Business Development Mobile In-Office File Sharing Reporting and Analytics Project Control Financial Management Drawing & Model Management Document Management Opportunity Tracking & Management Email Management Project Manager Director Fee Earner Deltek PIM
  7. 7. A PIM strategy can offer you… Single document register to file and store your information Filing and naming conventions that support the way you manage your projects Version control and easy to find document references, ensuring that everyone is working off the right version of the contract, drawing or other document Ability to file email communications and attachments as most project information is distributed this way Automation of document review, sign off and filing Ability to set permissions and control how information and documentation is distributed
  8. 8. 5 Ways to Efficiently Manage Your Emails Using PIM
  9. 9. 5 ways PIM supports email management Store, categorise and retrieve your emails with ease1. Enables you to take quick action!2. Avoids duplication of effort when responding to & filing emails3. Treat your emails as business critical information rather than conversations4. Manages your attachments just like the email itself so they will never go missing5.
  10. 10. Document Management What You Need to Know 
  11. 11. PIM takes control of your documents Creates a central repository for all your documents Supports audit procedures to avoid data loss, duplication or unauthorised access With a migration strategy in place it can be easily rolled out to all users Implements version control for all your documents so only the latest copies are used Supports the classification of your documents
  12. 12. Managing Design Deliverables using PIM  
  13. 13. Fundamentals of managing design deliverables Create a document register and manage it properly Each document should have a unique identification reference, as well as a revision letter or number, to identify the version New content should be automatically assigned to the register Set up automated workflows for the review/feedback process Always control how content is submitted
  14. 14. Keep on top of Contract Management
  15. 15. PIM supports contract management with… • Request for information (RFI’s) • Change requests • Site and other instructions • Completion certificates A Construction Contractor • Change and variation orders • Interim and final valuations • Practical and completion certificates • Architect’s instructions (AI’s) A Professional Services Practice
  16. 16. In summary - PIM can help you with… Email management Document management Managing design deliverables Contract management And much more!
  17. 17. N: 978-1-119-41389-9 for resale Project Information Management he book and find: ake the best use of carefully axonomy way to create and ment register act management get paid artphone me a secret on • Calm the chaos of project- related emails • Organize and archive project documents and contracts • Track evolving design deliverables • Create a system that’s mobile and convenient Learn to: Brought to you by Cover (Front) : 5.500 in® for more! Deltek Special EditionMaking Everything Easier!™ Download the complete Project Information Management for Dummies eBook here >>