Deltek Insight 2011: Tips & Tricks for Creating Premier Billing Templates


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Deltek Insight 2011: Tips & Tricks for Creating Premier Billing Templates

  1. 1. GCS-304Tips & Tricks forCreating PremierBilling TemplatesSusan M. Longo – Watkins MeeganKaren Williams – WJ Technologies, LLC
  2. 2. Do More Project Human Project Financial Manufacturing Resources Management Management Do More Market Teaming CRM and Capture Win More Intelligence Solutions Management Know More Business Performance Management Project Execution Project & Corp Time, Expense, Reporting, GRC & & Management Accounting Labor, Payroll Compliance2 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Session AgendaKey TakeawaysUnderstanding the Fields Available inPremier BillingsBrief OverviewTips for creating a standard billing templateWalkthrough exampleTricks for customizing billings for specific clientsWalkthrough exampleTricks for combining task billings into one bill forthe projectTemplate exampleTips for Hiding RatesTemplate exampleBest PracticesQ&A3 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Key Takeaways  Create professional looking billings that include your company logo  Adding standard text to billings like certification statements or EFT payment information  Adding client required information to your billings  Combining billings that use different rates, i.e., a CPFF contract with labor at 8% profit and travel at 5% profit  Hiding rates within billing so the rates cannot be determined from the bill  Using lookups to add more description labor category descriptions and/or employee names4 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. Understanding the FieldsAvailable for Templates Invoice Fields  Bill Number  Billing Address  Heading for billing  Where are these coming from? Contract Fields  Lots of new options here  Project Manager  Funding information  Where are these coming from? 1034 Fields  We’re not going to focus on these today “All” Records5 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. Adding Standard Text and Logos  Do you have a Company Logo?  Reduce the amount spent on letterhead by using an electronic logo  Does your customer require a certification statement?  Add the statement and the signature line to your billing  Do you want to add EFT payment information to your billings?  Including this information on your billing  Example6 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Adding Customer RequiredInformation  Does your customer require you to show your burn rate?  Are you required to notify your customer when you’ve billed 70% of the funded amount?  Adding items like burn rate and billing to funded amounts can enhance communication between you and your customer  Example7 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. Combining Billings  Premier Billings can combine bills for multiple tasks just like the 1035, however, just like the 1035 – this feature doesn’t work as well if you are billing different rates on different tasks  Creating “input” tabs to gather the billing information and “billing” tab to present the information can combine these types of bills  Example8 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. Hiding Rates  Are you a subcontractor?  Will you be bidding against your current customer of future contracts?  You can use Premier billings to hid your rates within your labor and ODC’s  Example9 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. Expanding Labor CategoryDescriptions  Are your descriptions too short?  Do you need to add employee names to your billing?  We can add this information to the billing by creating a labor category tab  Things to consider  How is GCS currently setup to bill – how will this affect your Premier Billings template setup?  Do you have a unique identifier ?  Example10 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. Best Practices  Contract Information  Contract information should be updated before creating billings  Building Templates  Build the template one piece at a time and take the time to create a bill and review the template during the process  Naming Templates  Create a descriptive template name  Errors – Don’t fix the Premier Billings Template if the Error is in GCS  Spelling errors, address errors  Review Your Billings  If you’re creating calculations in Premier Billings to get to the total billing, verify the amounts billed in Premier Billings to your Billing Status Report11 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. Q&AQuestions? 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. Call to Action For more information feel free to call or email usWatkins Meegan, LLC  Susan M. Longo, Supervisor – Government Contracting Group  703-761-4848WJ Technologies, LLC  Karen Williams  703-885-815913 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved